5 Tips for Producing “Great” Content

Tips for Producing “Great” Content
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Tips for Producing “Great” Content

I used to teach writing for the Institute of Children’s Literature, which was a cool gig at the time. I would get 20-30 lessons from students each week, and I’d have to read through their stories or articles and decide how they could be made better.

Tips for Producing Great Content

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The interesting part was that the worse the written material was, the more likely it was that the student would balk at my suggestions. I’d get notes back like, “My mother thought this was amazing!” OK, so well… Don’t ask Mom.

It’s the same with content that you write for the Web. Don’t think that you can show it to someone who has an emotional investment in you. They’ll never tell you the truth. They’re going to lie through their teeth to make you feel good.

Want to know how to create great content?

Here are my 5 Tips for Producing “Great” Content:

Check Grammar and Spelling Errors

There are plenty of reasons for this, but well… Google is like an editor these days. If the spider sees mis-spelling and nasty grammar, they’re not going to love your content and it won’t be ranked in search. If it’s not going to be ranked in search, why bother? Nobody will see it.

At Egochi our in-house content writers generate tons of high-value content for our clients which is 100% unique and SEO optimized for search engines.

Build Credibility

If you’re writing about a niche that you love, chances are you will be. You’re going to know things about that niche that the casual reader won’t.  You are the expert in their eyes, so don’t betray them.

Do your research and make sure that what you present is 100% accurate. If not, you’re going to lose your credibility, maybe forever. So, don’t guess at things. Einstein said that if you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it yourself. Good point.

Provide actionable information

So, when you’re choosing a topic, be sure that you’re writing about something that people can readily use. For example, if you’re in the pet niche and you find this amazing new green flea treatment that won’t hurt you or your animal, give them the whole story.

Tell them what it is, where they can get it, and approximately how much it costs.  Get them so excited about this new flea treatment that they want to immediately rush over to the dedicated website and get some.

Connect with your audience

You’ll notice that I wrote something about my time with ICL at the beginning of this article. I try to do that with everything I write, but it doesn’t always happen.

However, the more you’re able to give your readers something interesting about yourself, to connect with them on a human level, the more likely it is that people will enjoy your stuff and pass it around.

Share your work

Back to the ICL days, I also had students that were afraid to show their work to editors. That seemed ludicrous to me! If you’re going to learn how to write well, why not publish? People had their reasons, but if you’re in business on the Web, you MUST share what you do with others. So, Tweet it! Add it to your Facebook profile! Google+ it, too. Let people in the niche know that you have something cool for them.

Easy enough? OK, well… The first point is going to rule out a lot of people, I know. But I’ve said this a thousand times if I’ve said it once. You can PAY someone to write for you. You can make AUDIO recordings and talk about the topic, or you can make a VIDEO, either talking head or PowerPoint to get your point across. The only thing about the audio and video are that without a transcript or a darned good keyword-rich description for either of those they won’t do much good. So, pay someone to write them or to transcribe what you’ve said. Simple!

More than ever before having good quality content is important. Follow these 5 Tips for Producing “Great” Content and I’m guessing you’ll have much better results.

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Posted on April 6, 2018 in Content Marketing

Author: Jobin John

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