5 Video Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Video marketing tips
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Video Marketing Tips

Why Use Video For Marketing?

So what’s happening? Well, two things namely. First, content marketers are needing to differentiate their brand from other brands. Next, ROI metrics are confirming that buyers are becoming increasingly influenced by video.

» Embedded video content can increase website traffic by up to 55%
» Videos posted on Facebook increase viewer engagement with brand pages by 33%
» 92% of mobile video viewers will share videos with others
» A post with embedded video will draw 3 times more inbound links.

And don’t for a minute think online video marketing is only for cool products and sexy brands–Foster Farms has proven otherwise.

5 Tips to Video Marketing

We have narrowed down video marketing best practices into their 5 Rules to Video Marketing:

  1. Produce quality content on a regular schedule
  2. Use a creative “hook” in the first 10 seconds
  3. Include a link to your website to direct viewer traffic once the video ends
  4. Broadcast your video content through social media
  5. Appeal to universal emotions in one or more of these ways:
    » Humor
    » Deeply moving
    » Unexpected

Infographic Explaining the Tips to Video Marketing

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Posted on February 28, 2020 in Content Marketing

Author: Jobin John
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