6 Offline Methods to Increase Website Traffic

increase website traffic
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Whether you run a vast enterprise or a little nearby business, increase website traffic to your website is the central focus. An increase in website traffic means more clients, better internet search rankings, and better perceivability for your business in general.

It’s reasonable that you’re as of now mindful of general practices for driving traffic, as it’s such an all around secured theme on the web. You’ve most likely effectively found out about the significance of building an email list, composing awesome quality article’s, and advancing your website content on online networking stages. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about effective offline methods to increase website traffic?

With regards to boosting traffic, disconnected from the net sources are typically neglected, which is a genuine disgrace. When you use offline methods, it can hugely affect the measure of traffic your website gets. As indicated by an examination 39% of customers who perform online hunt down more data at last make a buy as an aftereffect of the impact of disconnected from the net channels.

1. Website and Logo On Merchandise

While directing people to a site is so regularly an advanced thing, and individuals are investing increasingly energy in computerized gadgets, despite everything you can’t beat something substantial. Actually, as indicated by examination, 52% of customers express that their impression of a brand is more positive after they get a limited time item from them, and half of shoppers utilize such branded things once a day.

Along these lines, advancing your site utilizing substantial, genuine items can be a very compelling approach to increase website traffic and support brand mindfulness as a rule. One of the most ideal approaches to do this is with branded reusable shopping bags that has your brand’s logo and URL, which you ought to in a perfect world give away for nothing.

The shopping bag is something that your clients will really discover basically valuable. They’ll use it over and over when they go shopping. This will continually help them to remember your brand. Likewise, as the pack will probably be utilized fundamentally to shop, it will presumably be shown in broad daylight for other potential clients to see. The sack will basically go about as a space-proficient, convincing promoting device that will give your website and brand with predictable and rehashed publicizing.

Other substantial, certifiable things that likewise function admirably incorporate branded shirts and mugs. As special rewards, you’ll advance a positive picture of your business and expansion client reliability.

Increase website traffic

2. Brochures & Flyers

Flyers and handouts may appear like an antiquated showcasing strategy which doesn’t generally bode well in our advanced age. Be that as it may, there are events when flyers and leaflets turn into a powerful method to increase website traffic.

At Egochi, we utilize flyers and pamphlets at occasion advertising (more about it underneath) or to impart to our accomplices in order to increase website traffic. Our accomplices and associates circulate them at their nearby occasions, for instance at SEO workshops, gatherings of their neighborhood advanced showcasing bunches, school advertising clubs, and such.

In the most broad case, aside from exchange occasion and appears, neighborhood organizations might circulate their leaflets and flyers at markets, dental workplaces, cafes and libraries, which have loads up or some kind of space where you can post your flyer.

It’s vital, notwithstanding, that you utilize them to their most prominent potential. Emerge from the group and spur potential clients to visit your site by adding some convincing duplicate to your pamphlet or flyer.

A flyer ought to incorporate your organization’s name and logo, as well as unmistakably highlight your website’s location and a solid suggestion to take action. This additional step will empower the individual that perspectives the flyer to make a move and really visit your site, as opposed to dispose of it without another thought.

With regards to handouts and flyers, a great system to inspire them to change over into website traffic is to offer the potential client something – like a markdown on your item, administration.

3. Printed Advertisement

Print promotions still have their place, even in a computerized world. Magazine promotions drive around 30% of per users to websites, that is a good percentage for someone looking to increase website traffic. Keeping in mind you can’t as a matter of course fit as much data and powerful duplicate into a magazine promotion as a flyer or pamphlet, you can even now sufficiently incorporate to propel the per user and direct people to your site.

When you’re making your promotion, attempt to be as effective as you can with the restricted space you have accessible. Incorporate your organization’s URL and a powerful Call-to-Action. Additionally, on the off chance that you can, attempt to crush in some sort of impetus. This could be anything from a purchase one get one free offer to a 10-20% markdown on your items or administrations.

Above all, be that as it may, ensure your promotion is clear and succinct. Your organization name and URL, and additionally any pertinent catchphrases, ought to be obviously shown. Little textual styles don’t inexorably function admirably, so decide on clear, striking, extensive content. Make it as simple as could be allowed for individuals to follow up on the advertisement and quest for your organization on the web.

4. Effective Business Cards

Business cards still have their place in cutting edge showcasing, regardless of what you might have listened. They’re the favored method for swapping data at gatherings, and can serve as a vital method for advancing your brand’s uniqueness in any genuine word circumstance. Moreover, they can be a brilliant device to increase website traffic.

Use the back of your business card – on the off chance that it’s clear, you’re passing up a great opportunity for a potential traffic source. Incorporate a brief, however capable portrayal of your brand and a powerful suggestion to take action to persuade the beneficiary to visit your site.

Business cards are more effortlessly shareable than other logged off publicizing mediums, for example, flyers and leaflets. They’re anything but difficult to convey with you, which means they can be imparted to anybody, anyplace. You can give them out to potential clients and at exchange appears and industry occasions as well.

5. Compose Your URL

On all logged off mediums – whether it’s reusable shopping sacks, flyers, pamphlets or business cards – dependably ensure that you list your URL in the best and translatable path; by which I mean, underwrite the primary letter of each word.

For instance, rather than increasewebsitetraffic.com, compose IncreaseWebsiteTraffic.com. This makes the URL far simpler to peruse and translate. It additionally diminishes the possibility of it being recalled mistakenly and it empowers the potential client to picture the different words.

You have to make it as simple as could be expected under the circumstances for potential clients to visit your website. In the event that it’s excessively troublesome, making it impossible to translate, the peruser will either not try gazing it toward all, or they’ll enter it mistakenly.

6. Attend And/Or Sponsor Events

Attending events enables you to build relationships with those interested in the same industry, trade or niche as you. Use this opportunity to impact others in the physical world and drive more traffic to your site.

At Egochi, we utilize events for driving website traffic. At industry shows, we provide a wide range of touch points that are efficient offline sources for website traffic, like literature – which we distribute at our booth – badge inserts, attendee bag inserts, ads in magazines or brochures from the event, and lanyard sponsorship.

If you do attend events, make sure that you fully immerse yourself in the experience. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Events are the place to interact with others and really make your brand’s presence known.


On the off chance that you truly need to augment your website’s traffic, you have to use offline methods. Utilizing these sources to increase website traffic won’t just up your SEO amusement, however can arrive you all the more paying clients and enhance your brand’s general vicinity.

We’d adoration to catch wind of your encounters and musings on utilizing offline methods for getting website traffic in the remarks area beneath!

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Posted on March 23, 2016 in Internet Marketing

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