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Basics of Business

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In today’s competitive world, it’s mainly about hardcore strategies and planning which is mixed with focus and hard work thus this is the general view point of any businessman be it small or big. Some talk about the Return on Investment (ROI) some talk about making the right decisions. However are these the basics of business?

Here is the Egochi way…. something taught to me by my guru when he started his own business….

The basics of business starts from a very simple method known as “Love”. One first needs to stop hating anyone or anything as only then they can truly accept and see the true potential of any segment. A business is never about emotions it’s about having a clear consciousness which will not let anyone make bias decisions. So before you start a business or if you are into one right now, just ask or analyze yourself with the significance of love and hatred in your current life and apply the same to your business. By implementing this you can make a lot of positive changes not only to this world but also to your own life. As business is about making a difference and during the process you automatically end up making a lot of money.

ecommerceThe feeling of victory is better enjoyed when you yourself are satisfied with the level of work and achievement however the one who is happy with the fall of the other does not really deserve the throne. The one who deserves the throne is the one that walks tall without worrying about competition or vengeance thus clear your head and work for yourself because once the dust settles, you would only have you. Therefore, make yourself worthy enough to be a class apart from the rest of the crowd. Now once you mastered this rest of the rules of business will be easy to catch up as in the business terms and jargon’s can be picked up in time however if the roots are strong there is no way you can fail.

Just a way of living by Jobin John. A serial entrepreneur.
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Posted on November 17, 2015 in Branding, Business Development

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Innovation & Creativity is the key to success. Hi, my name is Jobin John, before founding Egochi I worked with Brands like Xbox, American Express, SBC Yahoo. Thumb rule of business is to use hard work with intelligence.
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