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SEO for Vaping Company

SEO for Vaping Company Websites: 7 Tips for SERPs Domination

7 SEO Tips to Improve Your Vaping Company Websites The vaping industry is booming and so is the competition especially to capture the online market. With thousands of online stores popping up every day offering discounts and unique juice flavors, grabbing clients can become challenging. The best part? The competition is beatable and you can drive…

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Email marketing and automation tools

7 Best Email Marketing and Automation Tools

7 Best Email Marketing and Automation Tools Automating your email marketing is one of those things that will give you maximum benefit for minimum impact. Research indicates that businesses that use automation software generate almost twice the number of leads than those just sending out standard broadcast emails. It increases organic and targeted traffic to…

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WordPress SEO Tips

20 WordPress SEO Tips to Easily Rule Google Rankings

WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves analyzing, measuring, calculating, and implementing strategies that help a WordPress website rank higher in search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo).

Recover from Google Core Algorithm Update

How to Recover from Google Core Algorithm Update?

Recover from Google Core Algorithm Update The latest Google core algorithm update has affected a lot of sites in a negative way. Today, we will share our insight on this matter and also tell you how we managed to recover the site rankings within 24 hours. This is not the first update and definitely will…

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Technical SEO Tools

20 Technical SEO Tools You Need to Succeed in 2020

Technical SEO Tools Technical SEO tools are an essential part of the SEO optimization process. They help in analyzing a website and find areas of improvement to lay down a strategic roadmap towards better search rankings. The SEO process is divided into multiple segments and there is a tool available at every step which makes…

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Google is shutting down Google Plus

Google is shutting down Google Plus

Google Plus shutting down due to data breach Google found a bug in the API of Google plus. This bug was allowing third-party app developers to access the data not just of users who had granted permission, but of their friends as well. The best part about this whole data breach issue was that Google…

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Profit from these direct mail marketing tips and strategies

10 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

10 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective sales & marketing strategy. It helps you to directly connect with your potential customers and showcase your message, products & services along with industry-specific knowledge. As per the Data & Marketing Association, 42% people read mailed in catalogs and made…

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10 Local SEO Tips for Magicians to Improve Search Rankings

Local SEO for Magicians: 10 Tips for Local SERPs Growth

10 Local SEO Tips for Magicians to Improve Search Rankings SEO for Magicians is not a magic trick instead it is an important marketing strategy for every magician looking to rank higher in the local and national search engine rankings. SEO is very much like the modern day Magic Circle whose purpose was to promote…

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Blogposting Schema Markup JSON-LD

How to Add BlogPosting Schema Markup to Blog Post? (BlogPosting JSON-LD)

How to Add BlogPosting Schema Markup There are 3 ways to create and add blogposting schema markup to your website. You can add blogposting schema markup JSON-LD manually by copying the schema code below then editing it with your own blog post details. You can also add blogposting markup using a schema plugin and lastly,…

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13 Link Building Tips to Dominate in SERPs

Actionable Strategies for Link Building

Link building strategies are crucial for a successful SEO as it helps you rank higher in the SERPs and stay ahead of your competition. Link building with Google’s regular updates and scrutiny has become a sophisticated and strategy-driven undertaking, therefore, the process of building high-quality links which lasts for long and helps in nourishing other…

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