Page Speed: Website Speed Optimization

Make your websites load faster for visitors to ensure you do not lose them as well as to create a good first impression.

Imagine making a potential customer wait for your website load, do you think it is good for business?

Definitely not.

We will be understanding page speed and it’s importance.

What is Page Speed?

Page Speed refers to the load time of each individual web page of your website. It is highly recommended to ensure that your web pages fully load up in 3 seconds or less.

Visitors love a fast loading website and so do search engines, in fact, search engines like Google have added page speed as one of it’s ranking factors and also made it public.

Make your web pages light by using compressed images and by hosting heavy files on a content delivery network (CDN).

How to Check Page Speed?

Since the time Google made it clear that page speed is a ranking factor, they also launched a free tool to check page load time.

You can use this tool to check the load time of your web pages at the same time it provides you with a list of key areas that needs attention.

There are few more tools that you can use to check website speed:

The best part about all these tools are that they all are free to use.

How to Improve Page Speed?

Now, that we know, what is page speed and how to check it, it’s time to look at the best practices to improve page speed. Here are actionable tips to boost your page speed.

  • ✅ Enable compression
  • ✅ Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • ✅ Reduce redirects
  • ✅ Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • ✅ Leverage browser caching
  • ✅ Improve server response time
  • ✅ Use a content distribution network
  • ✅ Optimize images

By using these elements you can drastically improve your page speed and even grow in rankings.

Google will be able to crawl your website faster and your visitors will also get a better user experience and it is a win win for all.


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