What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is the process of promoting the website using third party resources that are not part of your own website, these include, high authority link building, social media marketing, guest blogging, influencer marketing.

Both technical SEO & On-Page SEO is about building your website’s base and it’s core value, whereas, off-page SEO is focused on building your website’s authority and trust.

Search engines update their algorithms on a regular basis and it is highly significant to know which off-page SEO strategy is effective and crucial to boost rankings and which ones need to be avoided.

Link Building an Off-Page SEO Strategy

Link building is the main off-page SEO strategy and can be highly beneficial if done right. If you build high authority links to your target pages it could drive a ton of organic traffic as well as boost your rankings and sales.

There are many types of link building strategies and here are a few:

  • ✅ Guest Blogging
  • ✅ Natural Links
  • ✅ Press Release Links
  • ✅ Broken Link Building
  • ✅ Moving Man Strategy

Recently guest posting as a link building strategy is in question as Google’s John Mueller stated that guest post link building is unethical.

Thus, it is highly important for you to work with an SEO expert who is in sync with the latest SEO news and algorithmic updates, to ensure you always stay ahead of the rest of your competitors.

Regardless, of which link building strategy you go for it is highly important to ensure that the links that your site gets are strong and also have a good backlink profile for itself.

In-direct Off-Page SEO Strategy

Sometimes website owners do not understand link building or just do not know about it, for them some simple yet effective strategies are in place that can get them decent links.

  • ✅ Social Media Marketing
  • ✅ Influencer Marketing
  • ✅ Press Releases

Each of the above strategies promote your website content and brings more people to your web page.

This grows your chances of these visitors to link to your site, they may even share your content with other individuals and this would create a chain which increases the chances of getting more links to the content page.


Off-Page SEO is not easy and definitely needs experienced as well knowledgeable touch for it to work in the right way.

If you are new to Off-Page then I recommend hiring an SEO company that can get it done right and Egochi professionals are those people. Be aware, off-page SEO can hurt your site if you build low-quality links and can bury your website.

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