Building Content 101: How to become a successful content writer?

Building Content 101
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Building Content 101: How to become a successful content writer?

In this article, “Building Content 101” I will cover everything you need to know about enhancing your content writing skills and grow your reputation as a content writer. You will also know about the key elements of content development.

Building Content 101: The importance of content

If you’re strapped for time but want a top blog that everyone reads here’s one thing that can help you gain blogosphere fame, Build up content.

Launching a blog or even promoting a blog or blogs with little or no content may create some initial buzz, but you won’t get any return or regular readers. building contentYou’ll get some people stopping by initially, and then nothing. You’ll go back to your three or four unique visitors per day and be frustrated as to why that is. It’s content. Unless you’re putting up pictures of half-naked women all over your blog you won’t get people coming back.

You have to build up content.

What I suggest first is to just blog for your friends. Start putting up content, tell your friends about it and put up some more. Having a few readers will be enough to keep you going through the initial phase of building content. Then as you have a good base of articles, maybe 30 or 40 spanned over a month, start stockpiling. With just 30 or 40 minutes a day, rather than 15 or 20 minutes you can write two articles. Save one, (I suggest the non-time-sensitive one you save), and post the other.

Once you have about 30 articles saved, you can then launch a blog to the masses. The time you spend promoting your blog will be well spent, and you’ll always have something new for the readers to read with your stockpiled articles, and you’ll have your content from your month or two of content building blogging. People will see that your blog is serious and ready to stick around and will, for one thing, keep you in their blogroll and for another, keep you around their regular reads.

I’ll say again, don’t launch or promote without content up, more than 30 articles, and content waiting in the wings, more than 30 preferably. It’s like insurance in case you get bored, then your launch will be for nothing.

Building Content 101: Provide value to your readers

Some blogs make their living by simply reporting news to people. I mean that’s essentially what a blog is. It’s just a newspaper format that anyone can use to publish their own newspaper.

But why clutter the internet with more and more reporting type sites. People aren’t going to want to read the same story from 30 different places. It’ll get old and boring and unless you provide something new and insightful, or somecontent building naked pictures never before seen, then you are going to be stuck at a few readers a day found via random Google Searches.

If you want to make a difference on the Internet you have to provide something useful for your readers. You can do this in many ways but one great place to start is by posting not just news, but tips, reviews, insightful articles, series of tied together articles, or a service that your readers can use.

Say you’re writing about golf, a blog all about the wide world of golf. Telling people how Tiger Woods did in the last tournament is nice but I can imagine that a lot of blogs and news sources will be doing the same thing. You can, of course, report this because doing so will provide your readers with the news, but if you follow that article up with one on how to read a putt, your readers are more likely to return to your page. You provided them with the news they were seeking about the weekend’s tournaments and you helped them improve their golf game.

Here are a few broad ideas that should help you think of something to write about to provide something useful.

1. Niche Specific Tip Articles
2. List of Useful Sites
3. Design Niche Relate Blog Template (more for programming savvy persons but really helps get your name out there)
4. Witty Stories Related to your Niche
5. Report on the Numbers of your Niche, Statistics, People Like Numbers

I also recommend reading 5 tips for producing “Great” content

Building Content 101: Create a writing routine

When you start anything new the easiest way to keep it going is by getting into a routine. Whether it be a diet, exercise, or school work, a routine is the best way to keep yourself doing it.

Routines help because it allows our mind to go on autopilot and not get sidetracked. If we work into our schedule that every day at 5 pm we are to Building Contentmeet Cindy or Carl at the gym, we will go and meet them at the gym. Or maybe we have to be at the library every day at 6 pm so we can make sure to get in an hour of studying.

After we do these things for a week or two it seems like old hat. We just do them without even thinking about it. It’s kinda like getting the mail. You can get the mail anytime after it’s delivered but I’m willing to bet that you get the mail at about the same time every day. It’s just become routine.

That’s the way you should make your blogging if you want to blog more efficiently. If every morning you get up and turn on your computer and write a small three paragraph blurb about whatever your niche is about, eventually it will become part of your daily routine.

This is a really easy way you can always have your blogging part of your day. Eventually, it will seem as simple as getting the mail.

To know more read content development strategies

Building Content 101: Keep your content fresh

One thing that every web publisher must do is keep content fresh. If you’re a part-time blogger, that can be hard to do. Someone with little time to blog needs to get posts up and can have a tendency to post repeated content. This makes for a boring blog.

Having a boring blog means readers won’t come back. Tell them the same thing over and over again and they’ll be gone.

Instead, look back at the content you’ve recently posted and make sure that you’re changing things up. Make sure that you’re making an effort to keep Building Contentyour content fresh. This may mean having to come up with new ideas for posts, well tough. If you want readers to stick around, you need to be fresh.

Some quick tips to help you do this as a part-time blogger are the following:

  • Keep a running list of post ideas handy, possibly on a draft Gmail email that you can open quickly and type in your latest idea, run through the list and organize the list so the content doesn’t repeat too often
  • Reread your post titles every few weeks and look for patterns of repeats. You may get into a groove that could hurt your audience
  • Skim other popular blogs. Popular blogs repeat content but they’ll make sure to either tie those repeats together, or they’ll space them out.
  • Don’t post repeats just to post. Sometimes posting nothing can be the best thing for your blog.

Use these little tips to help keep your readers engaged in your content and coming back wanting more.

Building Content 101: Keep writing like a pro

Looking for something to blog about? Look no further than the daily news.

Sometimes if you’re in a blogging rut you just need a little primer to get those blogging juices going. You can sit in front of a blank WordPress “write post” page or you can head over to live events and webinars around your topic. From there, ideas would start pouring into your head.

I remember a time when a client told me to write about Honolulu Marathon, however, I had no clue about the event so I just packed my bags and went on to visit the marathon and guess what ideas just started to pop up in my head Building Contentand I had topics like about marathon training, marathon runners, how old is too old to run a marathon, how young is too young to run a marathon. The ideas just flowed from the headlines.

If you actually click through and read the news articles even more ideas can flow. I could just do a quick list of the last five winners of the Honolulu Marathon. Or I could do a quick little these are the top 5 times for the marathon ever. See the ideas just flow after you get a little primer.

The news, especially a large group of news articles like search engines provide is a great way to do it.

I suggest using Google News, Google Alerts, and similar services.

Building Content 101: Niche Blogs are more liked by Search Engines

It’s no secret that the more focused your blog is on a niche the better search engine results you’ll have.

Search engines pride themselves on finding useful pages and websites about a users keywords. Search Engines want to give their users the best possible result in the shortest amount of time. Of course, having a person on the other side will be the best possible solution but not every time or cost-effective.

Building Content

So search engines rely on computers to do their dirty work. A very simple and easy to understand why a solution to find a good website is to make sure that the website is about what the user is searching for. If the page found by the search engine is on a website related to the topic of the keywords, that site will be given more weight in searches.

This is why niche blogs, or blogs that focus on one topic, do better in the search results. Sure you can have a blog all about sports and if you fill it with tons of articles on every single sport out there you’ll get some good weight in the search engines. But that would take you a lot of time and we’re all about blogging in the least amount of time. Therefore having a blog on one specific subject will provide you with better search engine results quicker.

Take for instance the sports blog I just used as an example. Having that same blog broken down into 3 focused blogs, focusing one on saying Golf, the next on Soccer, and the third on Baseball will give you a better chance at higher search engine results.

Stick to a niche and gain better results faster. Simple as that. There are many other factors when search engines decide their results rankings but having a focused site is definitely one of them.

Most successful blogs are about a niche, a specific topic. People go to those particular blogs to find out about one subject and that’s what keeps them coming back. They know they’ll be able to find information about blogging, or movies, or whatever the blog is about. Most of the time, if the blogger writes consistently, they’ll also provide the reader with the newest information on that particular topic.

If that’s what some of the best bloggers do why aren’t you? Are you blogging about everything under the sun but hoping that you’ll keep to your subject? That isn’t the way to build traffic and build your readership. For one thing, search engines will rank you higher if you have more and a higher percentage of keywords related to your niche. If you write about anything that dilutes your keyword percentage and essentially puts you lower in the search engine rankings. Something you don’t want.

Keeping on topic and forming your sentences and thoughts in a way that supports the overall theme or niche of your blog will allow you to more easily build your traffic and readership. People will want to come back because they know what they’ll find and they’ll know that they’ll get the most recent information from that niche.

Building Content 101: Overcoming writer’s block

If you’re like me your blog writing goes in waves. Some days you’ll write three posts, some days or groups of days you’ll write nothing. It’s called a writer’s block, and it’s nothing new. One of the biggest keys to good blogging and good part-time blogging is regular posting.

Read more about Content Management

You need to publish something new all the time. People these days get bored easy. They bounce from television show to television show, activity to activity and most important from blog to blog. You don’t want them to bounce from your blog to the next just because you missed a day of content now do you.

So here’s what you do to keep them staying. When you’re in the blogging mood and you want to write a lot, write a lot. Write all you can and write as many posts as you can. Start as many posts you can and try like hell to Writers blockfinish them all. If you leave the posts unfinished you might not come back to them. So write, link and finish your posts. Then save them to post on your blog another day. You should build enough all at once so you can post every day.
You are able to build your readership faster and keep them as your readers longer because you post every single day.

Now one of the downfalls to posting a lot all at once and saving your posts to publish for another day is that you may fall behind and have a few days of several posts, and then nothing for a week again. So you need to get into a routine. You need write a lot, then publish, write a lot, then publish then write some more. You can’t let your publishing catch up to your posts.

Building Content 101: Automate posts to your site

Are you looking to get content up and get it fast? You can use the Crawlomatic from CodeRevolution to quickly publish content.

The plugin, for WordPress blogs, can be used for good and for evil. This plugin, already mentioned by the author himself, can be used to setup Building Contentspam blogs and set them up fast. All you have to do is turn the plugin in on, set up a few parameters, and bam, your posting excerpts or full articles using someone else’s content.

Now if you’re going to be using this for good, you may only want to take excerpts from a few select blogs and post them every so often, not every day, like the Crawlomatic plugin was made for. This would require you to turn on and turn off the plugin but would save you from having to explain to other bloggers why you’re using their content and not writing original stuff.

Overall, I would only use this if you’re desperate. Snagging someone else’s content automatically is a lot different than reporting with quick posts what the blogosphere is doing. Some people will get furious once they realize you’re taking their content and not sending traffic. You’ll need to tread carefully when utilizing this tool.


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