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The use of images & banners on different platforms based on the performance figures and advertising revenues to promote a particular product or service is the best suited definition of display advertising. Display ads are developing thanks to the mobile growth on advertising boards along with gdn marketing. Who is speaking from the end of the display business, should better look.

Because – even if it sounds almost rebellious: Display lives. You have heard the claim that the sales in display advertising in one direction only: down. This assertion is simply wrong. For some marketers and site operators that may be true, but not for all. One indication of the strength of the display: Market researcher eMarketer reported recently that this year overtaking the US spending on display advertising (32,2 billion), the US spending on search engine advertising (29,2 billion). Many industries have maxed out their investment for advertising on Google, display advertising continues to evolve.

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Taxonomic ranking as a whole benefit

Of course, eMarketer calculates the spending’s for mobile ads and online video spots in the display business. And why not? The genus as a whole benefits. shift with the proliferation and use of mobile internet partial budgets – but they do not disappear. United Internet Media could, for example, increased its sales in the past year, especially in the display business. The multi-screen usage increased secures the revenue on all screens. Revenues in the mobile channel also mean sales in the stationary Internet. Specifically, with display ads, as can be with standard formats efficient multi-screen campaigns simply turn.

Marketing managers do not want to advertise on smartphones only because there the advertising opportunities are limited due to the size of the screen. Therefore, clients and agencies combine displays on fixed and mobile devices. This ensures both channels its share.

How sexy users find search engine advertising ?

In addition, it is often said that display ads are no longer trendy and attractive enough. Honestly, how sexy users find search engine advertising? The allegations like sprinkle some market participants, can not hold on closer inspection. Banner not annoy per se, but only if the display of creative and planning side are poorly made. Indeed, banners and many other display formats are learned with the users and the majority also accepted.

It is important not to overload the sites and to provide relevant ads on target group control, about Programmatic Advertising can display ad spaces, thanks to the integration of external trading platforms also use more efficient. At the same time increase the attractiveness of new advertising formats of display advertising. In-page Video Ads have about long shown that moving images can also find their place on the site. Also new advertising trends like content marketing will only work if advertising indicates. This is done by means of display ads.

Those who speak of the end of the display business, are doing something wrong. The performance and total sales of display advertising prove exactly the opposite. Egochi specializes in gdn adwords, gdn banners and the best internet display advertising solutions under all platforms including online & off-line platforms such as newspaper display ads.

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