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Get high authority backlinks with manual outreach services done by Egochi.

How does Egochi Guest Post Service Work?

How does Egochi Guest Post Work?​

We build niche relevant guest post links for your website and web pages by:

  1. Understanding your niche and web pages towards which links are required.
  2. Collecting your URL, anchor text and details about the kind of links you need along with the number of links you need.
  3. Manually contact webmasters and bloggers from your target niche, country and experience.
  4. Providing them with content and add a link of your website to it.
  5. Finally, the guest post report is sent to you for validation.

Strong Contextual Links

Our content and outreach team have years of experience in creating high quality GP links for clients. We find DA 10-50+ sites that are related to your business niche and create contextual links which are placed in between the article body.

Every link that we create is aimed at helping clients grow in the SERPs. Our team ensures that the blog outreach is 100% manual and all the content is created by professional content writers.

The sites that we choose to build links on for you get natural organic traffic thus the blog article that we post on it is aimed at ensuring that it is loved by the sites visitors, which helps in driving more traffic to your site.

manual blog outreach

How To Get Started

Step 1
Contact form

Just send us a message and our team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss and understand your business requirements.

Step 2
Outreach & Publishing

Our outreach team will contact niche relevant blog sites with high DA rating and get permission to post an article with your link. Our content writers from here create plagiarism free content and place your link in it, which is then published on the high DA site.

Step 3

We will create a custom white label report and email it to you. You can now use the report to verify the links and even forward it over to your own clients.


1. Select Criteria

You can go for the monthly or a one time deal upon which you need to choose the number of links you need every month or for one order only. Finally, we need to know the domain authority score you wish to target. Once we have these 3 things along with your website URL, Niche as well as the anchor text, our executive will provide you with an instant quote.

Links with higher authority will have a higher price as compared to the ones with lower DA score. As higher DA sites require more efforts to find and the publication guidelines are strict hence our team has work extra hard. A DA10 website would be much easier as compared to a DA 40+ site.

2. Choose Requirement

Finally, you tell use the number of links you want along with the DA of links you want us to create.

Normally 1 link from a DA 10 site will cost you around $49.99, link from DA 20 costs $99.99, DA 30 link would cost you 149.99 thus anything with DA 50+ will cost you $249.99 per link.

Based on your selection our team gets to work and sends out a white label report once the job has been completed.

“Egochi offers amazing services. I am always very pleased with the speed in which my order is delivered and great customer service.”
Sarah L.
Retail Owner
“I'm continuing to increase my use of Egochi as my budget allows it also because of the great results I get for my clients business.”
Maria Antoinette
Maria A.
“Service has been straight forward so far. All you can ask for in a service is to receive what you are promised, Egochi has delivered so far!”
Matt M.
Matt M


What all is required to get started?

In order to get started, all we need is your URL and anchor text.

Can I expect some traffic from these links?

Yes, these links are from real sites and found by manual outreach hence it is very much possible for you to receive organic traffic out of it.

Are these permanent links?

Yes, all links provided by Egochi under its guest posting service are permanent.

Do you provide assurance of traffic with this?

No, as these sites are owned and managed by third party webmasters, Egochi has no control over optimization of their SEO or web presence due to which we cannot provide an assurance of any amount of traffic you may or may not get. We assure you that these sites are genuine and have a high domain authority rating and these links will help you grow your own rankings online.

Will I get exactly the same DA that I ordered?

We always try to deliver links from higher DA sites, which means if you have ordered links from 10+ DA sites, our aim would be to deliver links from sites that have domain authority between 10 and 20. You would never get links from lower DA sites hence you can expect good quality high DA links from us at all times.

How do I make a payment for this service?

Once you have filled out the contact form our team will get in touch with you and take information of your order upon which the executive will send out a PayPal invoice, which you pay before we begin with the order. Once we get the payment confirmation, your order is then forwarded to our outreach team who goes ahead and starts the process.

What happens if the links go down?

We always get links from tenured sites which have been online for a couple of years and have genuine organic traffic thus it is very rare that you loose your link however in the worst case scenario if you ever do Egochi provides you with 6 months of replacement guarantee and will immediately replace your links from a similar or higher rated website.

Does Egochi provide SEO Consultation?

Yes, you can contact us for SEO consultation and to know more about our SEO services.

What is guest post service?

Guest posting service is the process where we look for opportunities to post an article with links on a high authority website. Our executives find niche relevant sites that are associated with your website model and business then connect with the webmasters to post a well written article that their audience will appreciate. 

We use tools like Moz and Ahrefs to check sites metrics and performance before we make the outreach approach thus only quality links are passed your way. Read more.

When will the links get indexed by Google?

We do keep a track of the submitted articles and urge the webmaster to submit the article to the search console for indexation however if we see that the site is taking a longer time to get indexed then our SEO executives take over the case and ensure that your links are indexed.

Do you accept all site links?

We do accept links except links from following niches:

  • Porn SItes: Phonography image or video website. Dating sites or coupe meet up sites.
  • Gambling Sites: Any site that is focused on prooting gambling like casino sites, poker sites, betting sites, sports betting sites.
  • Guns and Ammunition: Sites that sell guns, bullets, weapons of any kind.
  • Prescriptions: Any pharmaceutical sites selling prescriptions.

Are there more link building services that you offer?

Yes, Egochi offers custom link building services that are focused to drive rankings and grow websites traffic. We recommend getting in touch with us and discuss this further.

What is expected delivery time?

You can expect your order to be delivered in 30 days.

Our team performs every task for this gig manually and work with third party webmasters thus keeping quality of delivery as the highest priority we get the job done in 30 day time frame.

Is there a limit to the number of links I can order?

There is no limit, you can order as many links you like as our outreach team along with content writers are capable of handling any number that you have in mind.

We recommend ordering a mix of low and high DA site links as it looks really natural and can boost rankings effectively.

How many DA options are there to choose from?

We got 5 tiers for this gig, you can order DA sites with score of 10+, 20+, 30+, 40+, and 50+.

What is the best way to contact you guys?

You can call us at 888.644.7795 or even send us a message.

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