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Things are getting serious for video advertising, brand names are betting big and so are the small & medium businesses. Video advertising grew rapidly since Google acquired YouTube and things have gotten pretty competitive since then. Google’s YouTube holds the gigantic piece of the video advertising network. YouTube’s total revenues for the 3rd quarter of 2015 was $18.7 billion, which is a 13% growth over 2014.

Lets look at some major deals in the video advertising space.

Google Acquired YouTube for $1.65 Billion in Stock. Read more..
Yahoo bets big on video with $640 million BrightRoll acquisition Read more..
AOL Buys Vid Ad Platform For $450M Read more…
Facebook Buys LiveRail For About $400-$500 Million Read more…
Google Buys mDialog Read more…
Comcast acquired video ad manager FreeWheel for $375 million cash Read more…


If you still wondering why video advertising? or why are video ads important for my business, then remember this Video Advetisingutilizing video as a part of your ad imaginative is a convincing approach to recount a story or to demonstrate your most current line of items to your gathering of prospects. Video advertising works for direct reaction, such as downloading an mobile application to make saving money simpler, and for brand mindfulness battles to support brand review or expand brand mindfulness and dedication. If your goal is immediate reaction or getting more video perspectives, Egochi gives you the measurements expected to advance video ads. Be that as it may, it’s dependent upon you as the advertiser to utilize those measurements to know your group of onlookers and enhance your video technique. Online networking brands, as Instagram and Snapchat, are wagering enthusiastic about both video content and local advertising. For advertisers, undoubtedly the potential is immense.

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Video Advertising

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