Video SEO – YouTube Ranking Tips

YouTube Ranking Tips

As we know YouTube is the worlds largest video search engine, so it’s only logical for a company to be on YouTube and rank high on the business keywords. YouTube Ranking Tips play a vital role in getting the most out of your videos. Now, let’s check out a live case study for the keyword “Bradbury Web Design” if you search this keyword on Google, the first organic result would be an YouTube video, guess who got that video on the search results, well if you guessed a giant dinosaur you would be wrong, the right answer is Egochi video SEO experts made this possible and this is not only it, we also hold the 3rd and 4th position for the keyword. View few more example’s on YouTube about our Video marketing strategies. Open YouTube and check for “California Web Design” “Gibraltar Web Design” you would see the first video by Egochi. Now that you have seen us walk the walk and talk the talk, Let’s get started with YouTube ranking tips.

YouTube Ranking Tips

Step 1: Video Title – Choose your YouTube title using Google Keyword Planner. If you have created an amazing video and now want to upload it to YouTube then prior to this pick the right title for your video using the Google keyword planner. The video title plays a very important role in YouTube ranking. You need to make sure that the title is relevant and is being searched by a decent number of people. Once you find the right title which is quite popular and is relevant to your video, you are ready to start uploading the video.

Step 2: Video Description –  Add a 300 word or more description for your YouTube video, when creating the description use the keywords you found on Google Keyword Planner while searching for the perfect title. Combine all the relevant keywords and create a description, as this would provide more exposure and is perfect for ranking high on YouTube.

Step 3: Say the keywords – Ensure that you have said the focus keyword’s right at the beginning of the video, example if you are creating a video on “Italian Food” then your video should have keywords like “Best Italian Food”, “Italian food recipe”, “delicious Italian food” right in the beginning of the video. YouTube has a smart audio analyzer to figure out what’s being said in the video, so let’s make it easier for the analyzer to understand what your video is all about.

Step 4: Use the right Tags – This is the make it or break it factor for any video on YouTube, make sure your tags are very relevant, unique and direct to your targeted keyword. Enter at least 8-10 tags on each video, no more or no less than this.

Step 5: Build Backlinks: Just like web pages, videos also need high authority and page ranking backlinks for it to rank high in search results. The best backlinks for YouTube videos are Social media backlinks & Web 2.0 backlinks, it’s been seen that these two types of backlinks does wonders for a video and helps it rank high on search engines.

Watch How to Rank Your Video Higher on YouTube

YouTube Ranking Tips

Summary: If you try the first 4 steps correctly, surely your video will be listed on the first page of YouTube within 24 hours and if quality backlinks are added correctly it would hold the first position in no time.

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