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Directory Submission
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The Myth about Directory Submission

Directory submission has been avoided by many people looking to grow their website traffic and it’s simply because Google banned and penalized a lot of websites that used directory submissions manipulate their website rankings.

We need to understand why Google did this. The major reason being, many website marketers were submitting hundreds and thousands of links to directories in order to grow their SERP’s.

Google search engines job is to provide relevant search results to queries and in the past, they did this by looking at backlinks. Algorithms were coded to check on a websites backlinks and if a website had higher links then it was considered to be relevant to the search result.

However, soon we the humans understood this and started fooling the system by creating multiple bogus links using directory submission software and bots.

Google picked this up quickly and updated it’s algorithm and penalized a lot of websites and even today Google keeps updating their algorithm in order to ensure they can do their job the right way.

Directory submissions were never banned by search engines, however, building irrelevant and bulk directory submission listings are definitely not welcomed.

How Google Looks at Directory Submissions

Google looks at directories differently now, there are a few important factors they look at like the quality & relevancy of the directory.

There are a handful of directories that have built a solid reputation in the SEO industry and are following Google policies strictly. You can find a list of directory submission sites that Google likes below.

Nowadays, you cannot submit to hundreds of directories and expect a boost in traffic or ranking instead that can lead the site to be hit by a penalty.

Instead, focus on how relevant the particular directory is and if it follows Google guidelines. The policies of a directory site lay the initial foundation.

A good directory paid or free will not list your business unless they manually verify it and this has to be mentioned in their policy terms and the policy page is indexable and not marked as a no index in Meta Robots.

Algorithmic rules are another important factor that Google looks at, the directory has to follow the Algo rules in order to ensure they are not just a business for profit and offering no value to the web.

Submitting your business listing to a poor directory will lead to a fall in the search ranking. It is important to check for directory policy as well as it’s latest reviews online.

List of Top 20 Directory Submission sites that helps to boost your rankings

We have seen a boost in local SEO and organic rankings when directory submissions are done the right way.

  1. Starting Point
  3. Search Pure
  4. Jasmine Directory
  5. Directory Journal
  6. Alive Directory
  7. AddMe
  8. Clasione
  9. Pick N Buy
  10. Joe Ant
  11. MapQuest
  12. City
  13. Health Fitness Nutrition
  14. MedlinePlus
  15. All Business Now
  16. Yellow
  17. Better Business Bureau
  18. Vlib
  19. 411.COM
  20. Seek On

Never Automate Directory Submission

There are a lot of bogus bots & software’s available that will encourage you to automate your directory submissions with the promise that they have updated their tool as per Google standards and yada yada…. with fake reviews, videos and anything that they need to take your money.

However, trust me on this one, never use such bots as Google will definitely catch on to you. Let’s look at it this way, whos security, and analysis check would you trust a multi-billion dollar ones or some site that just emerged out of nowhere.

Of course, Google has a better system designed to detect the auto submission tools being used to generate bulk directory submissions for your website and once they do, you will lose everything.

All the hard work and the revenue spent on your website will flush down the toilet, so tell me is it worth it? Absolutely not.

I guess you got my point.

Directory Submission Services

We saw till now how a good directory submission service can benefit your rankings and a bad one can ruin it. Hence, if you are looking for some quality directory submission services for your website then you need Egochi to get the job done for you.

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We saw the how directory submissions are vital, along with the right & the wrong way to do them. We also went through some major directories that are still loved by Google and saw why all so-called Autobot tools are not worth it. Lastly, we offered a helping hand to get the submissions done the right way with Egochi services.

Hope you had a good read and loved the information provided here. If yes, then don’t forget to share and comment. If you have any questions, we welcome them, simply post them below.

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Posted on March 8, 2018 in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Author: Jobin John

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