Does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO?

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Is linking out to third-party sites good for SEO?

Linking to other websites is a great way to provide value to your users. Oftentimes, links help users to find out more to check out your sources and to better understand how your content is relevant to the questions that they have.

I would watch out for a few types of links, such as:

  • If you're linking out to a site because of an arrangement like you link to me, and I'll link to you.
  • If it's an advertisement.
  • It's being done in your site's comments, and you're not really sure how good those links are.

  • In all of these situations, your pages aren’t linking out, because you think the other page is a great match for users. For these kinds of links, We recommend using the rel=”nofollow” link attribute.

    However, if you’re linking out naturally from your content to other sites that offer additional value and more context, that’s fine, and there’s nothing special that you need to do.

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    Posted on July 26, 2019 in Search Engine Optimization

    Author: Jobin John
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