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Effective Landing Page Design Tips

Effective Landing Page Design Tips
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A website is designed either to sell products/services, to promote a cause or attract visitors to sign up. Effective Landing Page Design Tips are the most important part of any website as on this page you would showcase the website’s purpose and explain to the visitors about why they should favor the websites aim.

What is a landing page?
  A landing page or lead capture page is a web page that appears when online surfers click on an online ad or a search result. Before we jump into Effective Landing Page Design Tips lets understand landing pages with an Example: A person looking for a plumbing service online will visit a search engine like Google and search using keywords like “Plumber service in New York city”  and accordingly search results would appear. The person clicks on any of these links and he or she is taken to the plumbers web page thus the page that the person first sees after clicking on the link is the landing page this can be your homepage or an internal website page as well. Similarly a person sees an online banner providing discounts on plumbing services and clicks on it then he is taken to a website for him book the business and also benefit from the deal. Thus this page would also be referred as the landing page.

10 Effective Landing Page Design Tips

1. No Navigation: Remove navigation to focus visitors on your call-to-action button
2. Social Icons: Allow visitors to share your page in their social communities with easy-to-use social sharing icons.
3. Headline: Command attention with strong headline and supporting body copy.
4. Video: Pull visitors in with an engaging trailer or teaser video.
5. Call-To-Action button: Let visitors know where to click with a big, bold and beautiful call-to-action button.
6. Screenshots and Sliders: Add screenshots in slider form giving visitors a little more to drool over with some lovely screen shots related to your website’s product.
Egochii lander page sample
7.  Benefits: Shout out your website’s selling points in bite sized-chucks with pretty icons.
8.  Testimonials: Add a human element and some authority with real testimonials from real users.
9.  Subscription: Give your fans an easy way to follow your website’s progress via email.
10.ContactInclude a way to get in touch, as well as a link to download your press kit.

Egochi landing page sample

Hope you loved the Effective Landing Page Design Tips, and if you did don’t forget to share it with your circle. We would love to hear from you so do leave a comment below the page. We created the Effective Landing Page Design Tips based on latest trends and market research to help our readers understand how to capture those visitors and convert them into customers.

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Posted on December 6, 2015 in Website Design

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