Getting Listed In Great Web Directories – Best Practices

Getting Listed In Great Web Directories
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Getting Listed In Great Web Directories

These days, more and more business owners are realizing that expanding their online presence can play an integral role in increasing their conversion rates. Although there are many SEO strategies a business can employ to increase online visibility, getting listed in great web directories can be particularly effective.

Getting Listed In Great Web Directories

By learning more about what web directories are and how they are monitored in this contemporary era, you can make prudent decisions that help your business website earn a top listing in the results pages of keyword searches.

Web Directories – The Basics

Although broadly defined, a web directory is basically a website that lists links to other websites. (Web directories are also referred to as link directories.) To make themselves functional and user-friendly, web directories specialize in categorizing the links of the websites they feature so that viewers can quickly locate a website that covers topics which interest them.

Why Web Directories Are Important

Web directories are important to business owners and people who are interested in exchanging ideas because they are an excellent way to climb ranking in the search engine results pages of keyword searches. However, individuals who are interested in gaining a listing in web directories should know that they are not all equal.Getting Listed In Great Web Directories

While some are very high caliber, others may promote spammy websites. Distinguishing between good and bad web directories is important for several reasons, including the fact that being listed on a low-quality website can adversely affect your search engine ranking on the results pages.

Are Web Directories Being Monitored?

In recognizing that some web directories are more reputable than others, you may wonder whether major search engines such as Google are monitoring these directories for the purpose of shielding the public from the low-quality ones. The answer is yes. In discussing this very matter, Google representative Matt Cutts explains that the company does take action against low-quality web directories. (View Cutts’ explanation here)

In many cases,low-quality web directories come into existence by purchasing a domain and then advertising their services to the general public. Yet when Google discovers that these web directories are low quality as a result of factors such as a lack of editorial discretion, it does take action. One form of action that can be taken includes the lowering of the directory’s tool bar page rank. This is an indication to the public that the forward links of the site are not necessarily the best.

Determining Whether A Website Is a High Quality

Although it is encouraging to note that Google has implemented measures designed to inform the public of whether a web directory is substantive or not, it is still important for you to be able to discern when this is the case. Here are a few factors you should consider when you are deciding whether to seek listing with any given web directory:

1. Maintenance Proficiency.

When you are attempting to determine whether a website is a high quality or not, one of the first things you should consider is whether it is frequently updated. One way you can make this determination is to find out whether the site contains any broken or inactive links. If it does, this is a tell-tale sign that the site moderator is not carefully monitoring its existing website listings. In addition to determining whether web directories have broken links or not, you can gauge their maintenance proficiency by considering how well categorized the websites are.

If the web listing is divided into neat and highly functional categories that make it easy for the viewers to find the subject matter they’re looking for, this is a sign that the web directory is high quality. If there are no organized categories, however, you may be looking at a mediocre or even substandard directory.

2. Major Company Listings.

Generally, major companies do not take the time to request listing with a web directory. Thus noting that a major company is listed with a web directory is a clear indication that the site editor is taking the time to add relevant sites to its listing so the directory will be useful and professional. Since this is often the case, you should take the fact that a directory has a major company listed on its pages as a sign that it is legitimate.

3. Existing Link Quality.

Yet another strategy you can employ to determine whether a directory is a high quality is to examine its existing links. This is a very simple thing to do. Simply click on a few of the links listed in the directory and analyze the websites in terms of categories such as aesthetic appeal, web design, functionality, and relevance. If the websites that are listed in the directory are not high caliber, this is a sign that the directory itself isn’t either.

Getting Listed In Great Web Directories

While analyzing directories to determine if it’s worth getting listed in great web directories, a more tried-and-tested method is to simply gain listing with directories that have a proven track record. Here are a few:

1. Google My Business

GMB is the largest and oldest web directory. It is free and the most trusted business directory across the world. If you optimize your GMB listing correctly you have a higher chance to be listed on the local map.

Show up when customers search for your business services on Google Search and Maps. Google My Business lets you post updates to showcase what’s new, respond to reviews to build loyalty and add photos to highlight what makes your business special.

2. Yelp Biz Directory Listing

Yelp Business Directory remains the internet’s biggest free directory. The fact that the Yelp Directory is a high-quality directory becomes plain upon considering that submitting your website means that it is subject to editorial scrutiny and can be removed without warning if it doesn’t conform to established standards and guidelines.

3. Jasmine Directory

The Jasmine Directory is a reasonably priced directory that scores well in categories that pertain to Google search. Additionally, the directory has very high editorial standards.


Although the world of web directories may seem complex and inscrutable, it doesn’t have to be. By carefully considering the information listed above and practicing discretion when you seek to getting listed in great web directories, you can ensure that you gain placement on high-quality websites that will help you climb rank in the results pages of keyword searches. Good luck!

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