Gibraltar Web Design: 7 Tips for a successful website design

Gibraltar Web Design
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Ultimate Guide to Gibraltar Web Design: 7 Tips for a successful website design 👨‍💻 #webdesigner

Gibraltar web design is an all-in-one solution for businesses in and around Gibraltar who are looking for either a new website, re-design or looking to increase sales of services or products via various sales landing page designs.

Your website design is supposed to make profits on your business rise rapidly. We create professional websites which are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized from the start, ensuring your website ranks well in Google and other search engines, helping you to generate new inquiries for your business.

Here are Gibraltar web design tips for a successful website design:

Tip 1 for Gibraltar Website Design: Make Website Mobile Friendly

All the websites we produce are “responsive”, meaning that no matter which device you are using to browse the page, it will look great on both mobile, tablets and PCs. More and more people are using personal mobiles to search for services and products so it’s important that your site is easily accessible on these types of devices.

Google also launched it’s AMP update to enhance mobile-friendly websites and now it has been penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Our own website is a responsive parallax website design which enhances the user experience and making it user-friendly for the visitors.

Tip 2 for Gibraltar Web Design: Choose The Right CMS

When it comes to choosing a CMS for your website, it is crucial to select the perfect one that meets your requirements. Some of the popular CMS options are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Squarespace
  4. Weebly

I recommend WordPress to my customers because it is very user-friendly and highly customizable. The best part about it is that it’s free, unlike the other CMS options that charge you a monthly fee.

WordPress is now used on 59.9% of the top 10 million sites which includes top brands like the New York Times, Washington Post, Mercedes-Benz, Harvard Gazette Online, Katy Perry.

Responsive web design comes easily when using WordPress, since there are a lot of pre-made responsive design themes to choose from, and responsive design takes less time for content creation. Another benefit of using WordPress would the ease of SEO implementation as compared to other CMS platforms WP makes it really easy for the website to be optimized for search engines which means ranking on Google becomes easier.

Tip 3 for Gibraltar Website Design: Use The Right Typography

Typography is the style and the size of the font you’re using on your website. Most average text, like what you’re reading now, is usually formatted with a few basic typography styles, like 11pt Arial, 12pt Times New Roman, etc.

The right typography helps you build readability for your visitors and create that importance in your content, whereas a normal font & size could easily turn them away from your site. It has the power to grab the reader’s attention and places the focus on your content.

Readability on smaller screens, such as mobile devices, has played a huge role in this trend’s rising popularity, but it also fits in nicely with the ever-popular minimalist and flat design trends.

Your site’s typography is going to say a lot about your professionalism, especially when we’re dealing with a business website, When choosing the right typography remember that you want the typography of your website to be original without being obnoxious. This takes a careful blend of font styles that play more to the theme of your site.

Tip 4 for Gibraltar Web Design: Add High Definition Images

An image can say a thousand words and it’s true. High-quality images on your website can make your website look more professional and interesting.

Normally website designers use free stock photos which have already been used by thousands of people, I recommend investing in premium stock photos as it would make your website stand out of the ordinary.

When it comes to a website, quality matters and images really help you grab those quality points. When you write an awesome blog post and use a general stock image it would destroy the blog reachability as the visitors normally look at the image and make a perception that the content is something common and not unique.

Another best way to capture the eye of your readers is by hiring a professional graphic designer. A graphic designer can custom design illustrations and content-based banners that will be suitable for your theme and the content page.

Tip 5 for Gibraltar Website Design: Add Call-to-Action

Call to action is important for every business website selling products or services, it is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

When a visitor lands on your website, you can show them a quick way to buy or contact you, the easiest way would be to add a button right on the website header which has a phone number in it and when customers click on it, it would connect them to your business phone.

You can also do this with discount offers or offer coupons when selling products. It is really important to guide your website visitors through the buying cycle using CTAs.

For some inspiration here are 31 examples of professional call-to-action samples used by brands around us.

The concept of CTA or call-to-action is to make things easier for your visitor and encouraging them to take action. If you are a lawyer, you would want customers to call in and book appointments and you would like to make this process easier for them, by simply add a call now button on the top of your website.

Call-to-action implementation makes your website helpful and user-friendly which would also generate more leads and sales for your business.

Tip 6 for Gibraltar Web Design Focus on website speed

Have you ever waited for a website to load for more than 2 minutes? I have not, nor have anyone I know, they just hit the back button and go to a different site.

Speed matters, a successful website design should ensure that the website loads as quickly as possible, I usually recommend the load time to be under 3 seconds. This can be achieved by following these strategies: 

  1. Avoid heavy coding
  2. Compress the Images
  3. Use cache plugins
  4. Implement CDN
  5. Choose dedicated hosting

Most designers use heavy codes for simple tasks, this happens due to the experience of the designer, therefore, it is highly recommended to double check your website codes and clean it up as much as possible. When it comes to coding there are multiple ways to achieve a certain task however a good designer will always ensure to use the cleanest and the fastest coding method.

Image compressor plugins like Imagify are pretty useful when it comes to compressing images, Images are usually heavy and can choke your website to death, therefore, use compressors to avoid this from happening. You can manually compress images yourself and then upload them or simply use plugins to automate this process.

One of the best cache plugins I know is the WP Fastest Cache plugin which ensures my images, Javascript, pages, posts are cached, giving me a fast load every time.

A CDN is like an additional server where all your images get loaded taking off the pressure from your hosting servers making the site to load faster.

Lastly, a dedicated hosting service ensures that you are are the only one on a given server helping the speed of the website as compared to shared hosting where multiple sites crowd up the servers.

Tip 7 for Gibraltar Web Design: Create Clear Navigation

Providing a clear navigation for your visitors simply means giving them what they are looking for quickly and easily. Sometimes I see that webmasters add too many links, banners and image thumbnails to the website main page, sidebars which confuse visitors a lot.

You may have a lot of knowledge to share or a lot of marketing ideas to implement however if you throw everything at the visitor they would simply turn around and go somewhere else, therefore, you need to present every knowledge, skillset, offer or promotion in a subtle way.

If a  customer comes to a blog page on your website in order to read about a certain topic, make sure you give them the answer and not try to sell at this time because you will have plenty of opportunities to do so, your aim here should be to build trust and connection with the visitor by coming in front as a professional.

Placing fewer items in your navigation menus and eliminating sidebars are great ways to cut down on the amount of clutter that exists on your site. This can allow you to build better-looking designs without compromising user experience or conversion rate optimization.

Important links must be easy to find and given logical, simple, and include easy-to-understand labels. Calls to action are placed in conspicuous spots within the navigation’s scheme. If there is a plethora of content, then a search box is suggested to make it faster to reach more specific pages within a website.

Conclusion to Gibraltar Web Design: 7 Tips for a successful website design

Egochi has built a local and international reputation as a reliable, innovative and creative agency at the forefront of web technology. Our Gibraltar web design team consists of highly specialized individuals with years of experience in their respective fields, who listen to your needs, study your market, then offer bespoke solutions for you to choose from. We believe that websites should be simple, easy to use and effective. We see the web as an opportunity for businesses to grow and reach new markets.

At Egochi Company our focus is in delivering Return on Investment (ROI) on your website purchase. We can ensure we target the most popular keywords for your business services or products so that more people can find you in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We look after our clients, ensuring they are always boosting customer engagement using SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA and PPC. If you are looking to promote your business, you found the right company that can help you achieve top rankings and quality visitors. Gibraltar Web Design & SEO.

Let’s get in touch!

Gibraltar Web Design

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Posted on December 5, 2015 in Website Design

Author: Jobin John

Jobin is the founder & CEO of Egochi, a United States digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and content marketing that helps businesses grow online. He is well known & respected for his expertise in the search engine optimization industry and has helped a huge number of local businesses grow their business.
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