News: Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update
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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google has confirmed a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update on March 12, 2018, and also notified Webmasters of ranking fluctuations. They also made it clear that there is nothing Webmasters can do in order to fix their websites ranking drops however few sites would also see a boost in their SERP’s.

Here is what Google said about the update via Twitter:

Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve our results. Some are focused on specific improvements. Some are broad changes. Last week, we released a broad core algorithm update. We do these routinely several times per year.

As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded

There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.

Danny Sullivan @searchliaison, stated that we do some type of focused update nearly daily. A broad core algorithm update happens several times per year.

A few genuine questions:

How would you define a “focused update” – would that be HTTPS, page speed update etc? But the Google Broad Core Algorithm Update is a more overall quality which now includes Panda?

Yes, those would be focused updates. We also have lots of updates focused on specific little things each day that go into the core algorithm. This is a broader general change to the core algorithm.

There has been a lot of conjecture about the Google Broad Core Algorithm Update but it’s here to stay.

Egochi Analysis of Broad Core Algorithm Update

The latest broad core algorithm update by Google accomplished to major factors:

1. Understanding user intent

2. Understanding content

We all know about the introduction of Rankbrain but it got smarter and now uses AI to understand user intent and content.

The intent of the customer and the related content is what the update was all about. Hence, as a Webmaster, your strategy should be to ensure your web page fulfills the visitors intent in order to drive traffic and grow search rankings on Google.

Let’s understand User Intent:

Someone who uses Google is there for a reason, either they need some information or need to buy something, or learn something or even research for future purchase.

Based on the users intent Google will now show results to them and few factors that Google will consider would be the CTR, time spent on the site, Bounce Rate and social engagement.

Importance of Content

Of course, the basics are the same, content should be pure and natural however at the same time it should fulfill the users intent.

This can be done through text, videos or even an infographic regardless of the method you choose to ensure that the user does not hit the back button and just leaves and clicks on to the next search result.

Use analytics to keep an eye on this key element and keep on optimizing your content for better results.

How to improve your site as per Google’s Broad Core Update

If your rankings have declined or you want to optimize your new web page as per the Google Broad Core Update then you definitely need to follow these tips:

  1. Try to answer all related questions that your site’s visitors may have through content/blog or even on the main page itself.
  2. Keep your services and sales platforms transparent.
  3. Update your content at given intervals especially when you see a decline in traffic or SERP’s.
  4. Focus less on Link building and more on improving the site’s content to ensure it provides value to its visitors.
  5. Grow your CTR and reduce bounce rate. Adopt AMP.


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Posted on March 16, 2018 in Search Engine Optimization

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