How to Get Clients to Beg For Your Services

How to Get Clients to Beg For Your Services
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How to Get Clients to Beg For Your Services?

Are you a prolific writer but never saw a fat paycheck?

Did you bring out the best of the web designs ever made and still realized that your clients don’t stick?

Are your skills in developing software, writing code and doling out PHP scripts top-notch but sadly, the number of clients you have, isn’t?

In case you didn’t know,

There is a huge and relentlessly burgeoning community of equally competent service providers across the world. How on earth would you make a Unique Selling Proposition? Why should a client choose you?

Let’s sit down and think. Just being good isn’t enough. You will have to figure out certain other ways to make yourself Indispensable.

How to Get Clients to Beg For Your Services is an article focused on branding yourself and boost your business development strategy. These simple & tough steps will definitely turn your game around. Keep reading for more insight:

Trust comes first

It will take time to get here although this point is being doted on as a very important one. Doing things remarkably well, consistently, unfailingly, ungrudgingly and indispensably would earn you this intangible beauty. Once trust is established, it is only a matter of time before clients stick to you like creditors stick to loan defaulters.

Beat Deadlines

Over and Over, All the time, forever: Most of the service providers are good. Some of them have always been meeting deadlines for a good number of years and hence have made a mark for themselves. Unfortunately, it is the good old days we are talking about. The need of the day is ‘Beating the deadlines’ and not ‘Meeting the deadlines’. If the due date is tomorrow, you got to deliver yesterday.

Throw your lines open 24/7

We are talking service and we are talking globally. You got to open up your communication lines – skype, messengers, emails (preferably two IDs), website contact forms, cell phones and landlines at all and make yourself reachable. You should be functioning like the Forex Markets – ticking away all the time, never stopping, always on. This establishes a comfort factor for your clients. They would always know that you’d be there for them.

Consistency in Quality

You would have this a million times. Cliched, but it is death if you ignore it. Ethics plays an important role here and shoddy, sub-standard services have a funny way to catch up with ultra-fast receding bottom lines.

If you are a writer for example, no matter how stressed you are and no matter how much you hate working on a particular topic, you would still have to give it your best shot – researching, meticulous planning, writing your first draft, editing and sending it off. If you were a web designer, you would do well to start every project from scratch and refrain from the temptation of ripping off a free template and calling it your own.

Doing it well and re-doing it nevertheless

It is sometimes painful for vendors to redo something that they have put their efforts into and found it to be a great piece of work, but still, the work wasn’t accepted because your client didn’t like. It happens to anything creative.

Every great movie has its critics and every remarkable literature work has had people stomping their feet vehemently. What do you do when your work comes back to you for redoing?

Simple, do it again and do exactly as the client wanted it (even if you didn’t like it!). It is a part of the game and keeps you in the business.

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Posted on March 23, 2018 in Business Development

Author: Jobin John
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