How to grow your Page Rank?

How to grow your Page Rank?
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History of PageRank & Why I am talking about it?

PageRank is Google’s first SEO algorithm which was made public, many SEO experts and business owners ignore this factor, and focus on building websites Page Authority & Domain Authority also known as PA & DA. However, you need to know that the PA & DA was launched by Moz and not Google.

Note: Google removed showing PageRank data in Webmaster Tools (Search Console). But in 2013, Matt Cutts told us Google will never kill off PageRank in the toolbar. So, officially there is still a lot of talks on this subject however in our eyes it is till a vital part of any website marketing.

I guess this fact alone shows us how important PageRank score really is and in this article, I will explain how to grow your Page Rank. It is my sincere hope that you too can make use of this knowledge to your advantage.

Now let’s come to the main question, how to grow your Page Rank?

First, let me come clean, Egochi does not have a PageRank score or should I say that our score is 0/10 because we never focused on it until this month, the major reason being we were already ranking well on Google for many search terms and getting a lot of business.

It’s not that we didn’t know about it or how to do so, but honestly, we never bothered and it is now the time that we talk about it and also work on getting a decent PageRank score and today I share how we will do so.

What is PageRank & Why is it Important?

We all have undoubtedly heard of the Page Rank phenomena. What is PageRank score? They are the way search engine measures your website’s importance in their search engine rankings. And so we all want to rank higher as higher rankings mean a lot of things and sometimes everything for a business.

To Webmasters, it means pure, unadulterated achievement. It means that they have accomplished a move in the right direction. A high page rank to a website owner means money in the bank more important it means the website has high reputation & relevance in the eyes of Google. It is an impressive accomplishment. And yet to other website owners, your page rank may be a reasonable source of envy.

To Google Search Engine, higher page rank means quality, importance, and relevancy. It means you are a viable resource and a valuable asset.

Do you want to check your sites PageRank? You can do it here

How does Google use PageRank?

Google takes your PageRank and combines it with their text-matching How to grow your Page Rank?techniques. When combined with a PageRank content and the content of the pages linking to it, shall determine if your site is a good match. Consequently, a higher Page Rank certainly helps you on Google.

Most surfers do not care a hoot. Most of them could care less about your Page Rank. In fact, many of them don’t even know what it is. However, those that do use it as a way to unofficially gauge your credibility.

At this juncture, I am sure that you will be wondering if I am really going to let you into the secret how to raise your website’s PageRank in a single update.

Do not purchase any links from high ranking sites, or any sites for that matter. Do not launch a link exchange program either exchange links with directories related to your site’s topic. Never use black hat SEO methods such as link farms. That’s a sure way to get booted out of Search Engines faster than you can count to ten.

How to grow your Page Rank effectively?

The secret is Content, yes, content is king as always. I will use content to help boost my PageRank. But how you may ask?

If you check our blog section, you will see that this month we posted one article every day and I plan to keep on doing so but it’s not just any article.

My entire focus is to post quality articles, just like the one you are reading now. These articles were not generated from any program or an auto bot. They were manually and authored with my own expertise. And SEO happens to be a very popular topic and getting directories to post my articles is easy, along with my URL(s).

The PageRank will inevitably transfer over to my site. Also, as time goes by, those articles will have a PR effect of their own which will transfer to my site(s) too.

Over time, other people may pick these articles up and use them on their site as well. And with these articles, they carry my URL(s) too. You do the math.

Now, if I do 100 sites a week times four articles a month, that’s at least 400 articles a month. If the last Google update was 86 days, the longest has been 111. That could easily lead to 1200 or more links between updates. Google will love it!

They have these three factors:– content, quality, and one-way links. To spice things up, I will also promote my blog and my website in some of my articles. Thus, they too will have their own PR generating effect. These sites will exchange links with each other too.

This, in turn, will increase the PR to them as well. And with the most recent Google update, your blogs will go from 0 to 4 and with the other 0 to 5 all in the same update and keep growing.


I hope these tips help you increase your page rank. The challenge will be creating content related to your field and finding sites that will post them. You can always choose to hire writers and use article submission services. Good Luck on your journey.

If you have any questions or want to share your views please use the comments section below. Also, if you loved what you are reading please do share it with others using the social media buttons above.

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Posted on March 9, 2018 in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

Author: Jobin John

Jobin is the founder & CEO of Egochi, a United States digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and content marketing that helps businesses grow online. He is well known & respected for his expertise in the search engine optimization industry and has helped a huge number of local businesses grow their business.
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