How to Make Sure Your Guest Posts are Accepted Every Time

Guest posts are accepted every time
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How to Make Sure Your Guest Posts are Accepted Every Time

Guest posting service is an important part of any link building campaign. Writing for other blogs helps you to drive traffic to your site, establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and get quality links back to your site. You can read here about the Benefits of Guest Blogging.
However, it can be difficult to get your Guest Posts are Accepted Every Time — especially at the big blogs that have lots of traffic and are authorities in your niche. There are a few things you can do to change this, ensuring that your guest posts are accepted every time:

Build Relationships

Many bloggers want to get to know their guest bloggers before they accept them. Start networking and building relationships with the authority bloggers in your niche. Comment on their blogs. Start conversations with them in forums that you both frequent. Send an e-mail introducing yourself, and start a conversation.

The better a blogger knows you, the more comfortable they may feel accepting your request to guest post on their blog.

Read The Blog

How will you know if the content you are submitting is appropriate for the blog’s readers if you don’t read the blog yourself? If you aren’t already a regular reader of a blog for which you want to guest post, then spend a few hours reading over the posts. Get a feel for the tone of the blog and the topics that are covered. Learn what the target audience is, and make sure it is the same as yours.

You should also get to know the blog’s content well so that you don’t write on a topic that has already been covered. You should either write on a topic that has not been covered on the blog, or you should write on the topic from a new angle.

Follow Guidelines

Many bloggers who accept guest posts will publish guidelines for guest writers. Pay close attention to these and be sure you follow them. Guidelines can include a word count, requirements for pictures, or rules about the number of links accepted. Almost all guidelines for guest posts will stipulate that the content be original and that it not be republished.

Not following the writer’s guidelines is a bit like failing the test because you didn’t read the instructions. Make it easy for the blogger to focus on the quality of your content by following all the guidelines that have been laid out for posting.

Submit Great Content For Guest Posts are Accepted Every Time

The number one rule — and maybe the only rule you even need to remember — is to submit great content. Even if you never talked to the blogger before and you didn’t adhere to any of the guidelines, if you have great content to submit, they are going to take notice.

Great content is original content that offers valuable and interesting information for readers. It is not self-serving, reading like a promotional copy for your own blog. Present new ideas that offer solutions for readers, and write well.

While it may seem at times that getting your content accepted by some of the top blogs in your niche can be impossible, you need only keep these guidelines in mind to be sure that your guest posts are accepted every time you submit them.

Build a relationship with the blogger, get to know the blog, follow the guidelines, and write great content. Your content will be accepted every time, and you’ll start building quality links and traffic to your blog in no time.

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