Link Injection: Black Hat SEO at its finest

Link injection
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Link Injection

So, I wanted to do one Black Hat SEO article before I get on to blogging again, I thought why not link injection? Here we go.

In the world of SEO, links have played a vital role in leading a site to success. Link building has been a great tool in strengthening your site’s page ranking in search engines, increase incoming traffic and of course, bring in more profits to your site. But we also know that links can put your site’s business in peril, especially when they are used the forbidden way.

Yet, while a lot of SEO experts discourage us from using black hat techniques especially when it involves the use of links, webmasters still use these methods in order to generate more income to their sites.

Why? It’s because these methods are truly effective, and they could have done more if not for the search engines. So, if you are a webmaster who either doesn’t care of what the search engines would do to your site or if you are the kind who finds happiness in outsmarting the search engines, then this article is for you.

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Link injection is among the traditional black hat SEO techniques. Link injection is the way of inserting your affiliate links to already popular and reputable sites.

In this process, you get to ride your links on to their traffic, so that they too would be included when users click on these sites.

Link injection is also known as social site spamming, as you target the places where real people are.

How to do a link injection?

To start your link injection scheme, first, you have to choose a social site. These include Craigslist, Friendster, FaceBook, MySpace, forums, Yahoo Answers,, as well as chatrooms.

Create an account on each of these sites and jot down all the information details on paper while signing up. This is to help you remember which links are which, and which passwords are which.

Also, take note of the Captchas or secondary forms you would be required to answer. Then confirm your membership through the verification emails sent to you.

The next thing you have to think about is your market. Evaluate your target audiences and see how you can rip money from them. After which, get yourself a niche where your audience fits in. By then you would know which affiliate offer you can insert on the sites you have registered. Use those which are inconspicuous-those which tend to provide genuine help but at the same time promote their products and services.

It is also important to get a high converting offer especially when you are starting to receive a high amount of traffic, and this can be established by using discreet affiliate promotions.

Afterward, go back to your account and try to create posts in which you would insert your affiliate offers. Make your posts quite helpful and interesting so that the post would invite a lot of readers. Your main goal here is to make that link stick on to your post and make people thankful that you inserted that link.

Test the above steps for a few days, and monitor how long your link sticks in your post, how many people have seen and clicked on that link and how many were converted.

This is quite important since you would learn how much you would be getting, as well as how much effort you should exert in order to get the money you want to gain. Make it a point to make the links sound discreet so that they can entice more people. Through monitoring, you get to know which links grab the most attention and which don’t help at all.

Once you have done the testing and found out which factors work in providing great profits to your end, it’s time to repeat the entire process. You can make your life easier by using a pseudocode. A pseudocode consists of your account info and the link you will use as well as your user input tags. From there, the process will be automated.

With the help of a programmer, work out your pseudocode and come up with a program that can do the process in an automatic manner.

Well, there are available programs that can do the things you have indicated in your pseudocode, but chances are these programs have already been used and cracked by other webmasters. Hence it is more beneficial if you have a custom-made program script in order to do your tasks safe and secure.

Once you start earning big money and have achieved your target income, get out of the rat race. Remember that link injection is a short-term investment, and like many other black hat techniques, this method would only put your business in danger in the long run.

The trick to using black hat techniques such as this is to drop them off while they are still good, or else they’ll be the one to leave you broke.

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Posted on April 9, 2018 in Search Engine Optimization

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