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Getting your online store products ranked higher in the Google search results is the key to run a successful internet shop. E-commerce SEO helps you build power to your product pages and also to the category pages so that you get better conversions and keep growing.

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We all want to run a successful online store but have you ever wondered why only a few make it? The answer is perfect e-commerce SEO strategy. Amazon is the biggest example of SEO being done the right way. At Egochi we make you get the job done right and we ensure all clients get the best results.

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As a multi-channel retailer, its critical that you rank and rank well in the search engines. Ensuring that your site is not only being “seen” by the search engines, but ranking well for keywords which are relative to your business is critical to your bottom line.

A positive “natural search” result of your product(s) can be the difference-maker for making the sale, or more importantly finding and gaining new customers.

Our professional Los Angeles SEO team has had great success in optimizing sites for search engines so that they not only just appear, but they rank well.

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Los Angeles SEO Roadmap

E-Commerce WordPress Website SEO

WordPress along with plugins like WooCommerce make a wonderful e-commerce website. However we definitely need to optimize the products and pages to ensure they perform well in the search.


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Shopify E-Commerce SEO

We love Shopify for its ease of use and brilliant ready to go platform however we think very little about ways to optimize the Shopify store to make it perform better, thus here is the simple guide to follow.



E-Commerce SEO for Small Business

Our belief is that SEO should not be a “science” that is farmed off to a “guru” in a back-room someplace. We believe the SEO “process” is important as understanding any part of your business.

That’s why our process involves the customer right from the beginning, and once we’ve finished with the last step, the process is not simply relegated to but also had great success that has raised our customer’s revenue, sales potential and more importantly opened new sales channels and brought in new customers.

In case you are in need of local SEO services then we got that too, Egochi is a full-stack digital marketing agency, which means all your online marketing needs are catered under one roof.

E-commerce is now at the center of many business SEO strategies. Beyond typical selling functions, e-commerce can cover a variety of functions that together create an automated experience for your wider enterprise community.

Wholesale portals are an excellent example of this giving your clients access to product catalogues, ordering capability, accounting transparency and logistics information.

How does E-commerce SEO work?

Five-Step Approach SEO Plan

  1. Research and Requirements
  2. Information Gathering
  3. Optimization and Site Survey
  4. Reporting and Metrics
  5. Maintenance

Professional SEO Services include:

  1. Researching and understanding your products and services. This is the first step to forming a good SEO plan. In this phase of the project, we ensure that our team has enough information about what you are trying to accomplish. This is an important step to ensure that we know what your expectations are and how we can achieve those expectations. At this stage we can typically set expections.
  2. Gather metrics and numbers about you, your competitors, your current placement..From our findings during the research and requirements phase, This is an important phase as we try to identify what needs to be done to optimize your site for not only decent search results, but more importantly, search results that are targeted for your products and your business.
  3. Optimizing of the actual Web pages and collateral within those pages. This process can be as easy as changing site text, to as complicated as a complete redesign of your site. Since this is the step in the process that will ultimately decide your sites improvements moving forward, our team focuses on efforts that will improve your sites ability to rank in the search engines. Optimizing can mean many things to many people, but to us, it’s a process that involves making sure your site is well prepared to be spidered efficiently, indexed optimally and present content in areas of natural search engine results would expect to see them.
  4. Reporting on our progress from a baseline to a weekly status. After we “optimize” a site is important to show that we are making progress, or where we may need to continue our optimization to improve. This step is ongoing, but usually performed after the initial optimization has been completed. Reporting involves knowing where you rank, where you ranked before and how you rank now in all the keywords and phrases that we have defined for your business in the initial phase of the project.
  5. A site that is optimized is never “done”. The biggest mistake a site owner can make is to optimize their site and then not continue the process. Keeping up with competitors, where you rank and making adjustments is just as important as any step in the process.

Our SEO efforts do not employ or perform “tricks” or “tactics” which are frowned upon by search engine companies. What we do is perform strategies and “optimizations” to your site that are recommended by the search engine company’s themselves and follow their guidelines.

Along with on-page SEO services, it is highly important to apply off-page SEO services skills to your website to get the maximum performance results.

How Fast Can I See E-commerce SEO Results?

It really depends on how well optimized your current pages are, if say it is a new e-commerce website and if it has more than 30+ products on it, then it may take close to 6 months to get the entire website optimized and indexed.

If the pages are moderately modified and minor tweaks are needed then it would take less time for us to optimize it completely and focus on building valuable links towards it.

The last point is the most crucial one, and that is to hire the right SEO professional for the job.

Best E-Commerce SEO Strategy

The secret to a successful e-commerce SEO strategy is to ensure that your product pages are perfectly optimized and once that is done you focus on the main stuff i.e. to build authority towards your category pages, this is the most ignored part of e-commerce.

Product categories are the most important part of your website as all of your products fall under it hence a strong base for the category section ensures that the products itself rank higher in the search results.

Once the category section is well optimized then you move onto the products and build quality links to it and slowly and steadily you will see business growth due to rankings sales and organic traffic increase.

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