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PPC and Analytics Advertisement Milwaukee Wisconsin

Sure, it sounds a bit odd. It is a play on a saying I use to hear growing up, possibly a southern thing, “The proof is in the pudding”. Like most things, the saying is not original in its self. A quick internet search provides the probable original: “The proof of the pudding is in eating”. A phrase that basically states that something has to be utilized in order to prove value.

Let’s examine this concept. Too many Milwaukee internet advertisers are out there looking for the value from their online efforts and guessing on how to do that. They are trying to make pudding but don’t have a recipe. Analytics is a recipe the provides the ingredients to make something great and really serve up some delicious value. That said, the term “analytics” or “the science of analysis” by its self can be very confusing.

Once your analytics are implemented, and the elements you are tracking start getting activity, the data will be ready for evaluation. This might start to resemble walking down an isle at the store; so many options and no idea which ones to choose. The best ingredients can be selected by deciding what is important to the entity that is investing their money.

Analytic tracking can be used for almost any type of activity done digitally. For the sake of keeping this post manageable, I will point out a few things related specifically to Milwaukee PPC advertising. Here are a few points to track with your chosen analytics program. Clicks, CTR (click-through ratio), CPC (cost per click), calls, emails, form submissions, e-commerce purchases & bounce rates are a nice start. Just understand that all the data collected will provide insight into the elements you can to test and change. Yes, basic stats like Clicks & CTR are tracked through PPC programs such as Google AdWords, however analytics tracking will allow you to compare not only these top-level stats but to also delve into the more granular trends. These are just the tip of the puddingberg. Yeah, I know, enough pudding references already!

PPC call tracking tends to be the most elusive set of statistics for DIY advertisers. Purchasing additional phone lines from the phone company can be costly and it normally requires a reverse proxy server to replace the existing numbers on the respective websites allowing the searcher to see the call tracking phone number. The entire process becomes complicated and confusing leading many DIY advertisers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to forgo this exceptionally valuable service. Another option is to seek assistance from a phone call tracking provider. This provider should offer call recording options, caller ID info and overall call stats. This allows the PPC advertiser to see not only how many searches converted into phone calls but to truly track the ROI (return on investment) in a very tangible way.

On a side note, if the website does not actively promote picking up the phone and call, filling out the form or making a purchase you can’t really expect many conversions. Optimal website design and strong calls to action are vitally important topics worth mentioning but really do deserve their own article.

The primary point to this high-level overview is to outline a starting point for establishing value. Start reviewing the ingredients provided by analytical tracking to whip your online advertising into the sweetest confection – profit.

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Posted on August 4, 2019 in Search Engine Optimization

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