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Every Milwaukee business owner would know that the first-time prospect would barely know you, they do not trust you fully, is uncertain about doing business with you, and has no clue about the kind of value you are capable of delivering. Of course, having a convincing Web presence helps allay some of these fears. But still, the first purchase is a risky gamble.

Beyond that point, EVERYTHING changes. Our primary responsibility as a Milwaukee SEO strategist is to ensure that all goes well with that precious transaction – and more importantly, that you are poised to capitalize on that experience.

Your Internet marketing strategy should go beyond the first sale.

By Jobin John – CEO & Founder, Egochi Inc.

Let’s take a sample case study. An enthusiastic gardener writes an ebook about growing tomatoes. It’s highly likely that any buyer of this ebook is also a gardening hobbyist who is interested in growing vegetables. And because no one grows just tomatoes, the chances are bright that that buyer will also be interested in growing other vegetables. And in other elements of gardening. Even related ideas like, maybe, setting up a home gardening business around growing veggies.

Each of these becomes a ‘selling opportunity’ for the smart and perceptive information marketer.  You can set up a selling process that guides the first-time buyer towards your other related product and service offerings that add value to their life, provide them with additional value, and help them get closer to their goals or to solve their problems better… and by doing so, strengthen the bond of trust that was established at the first sale.

Happy customers will buy from you again more easily. They will buy more often. And they will typically buy more expensive items from you – as long as they were satisfied or delighted by their earlier experience.

Milwaukee Internet Marketing Tips

1. Plan out your product/service funnel

A product funnel is a series of offers you will make to your ideal prospect. Typically they will be of different formats and offered at different price points. For instance, you may have a $19 ebook, a $67 audio program, a $247 home study program and a $497 seminar in your product funnel. (You may create them all yourself. Or you may promote someone else’s offer as an affiliate.)

2. Find out what your audience wants

There are many ways to do this. You can study others in your niche to see what they are selling. You can survey your prospects on your blog or newsletter. You can make related offers to buyers and see which ones they respond best to.

3. Establish a marketing sequence

Too many information marketers approach promotion and marketing randomly. They pitch one thing to their audience, and then another, with little rhyme or reason to the offers. Once you streamline your marketing to sequentially guide a prospect along the path to growing fulfillment and progress towards a pre-defined goal, you’ll not only make more sales to the same buyer, you’ll also impact their lives more meaningfully.

4. Constantly add value

Once you have identified an “ideal sequence” of marketing to your audience, you can gently guide them along that course by adding value in incremental steps. Educate your prospect on the value of taking the next step. Explain how they will be better off by moving to the next level. Let them sample parts of it, so they can feel and experience how it will be.

Brand your Milwaukee Business with Internet Marketing

By planning and executing an Internet marketing strategy for your Milwaukee, WI business that is focused not just on finding new first-time buyers, but on steadily nudging your existing buyers to purchase more, all the while adding greater value to them in one way or another, you will be able to maximize the profit potential of your customer database – without coming across as a slick and pushy salesperson, but as a caring advocate for your clients’ best interests.

More valuable to your business and your brand, behaving in this manner will gain you enormous goodwill with your audience, and win you fans and evangelists who will happily and willingly spread the word about you in circles you would never be able to reach on your own.

Success with Internet Marketing

An Internet marketing strategy rooted in the basics of selling, but going beyond the all-important first sale can be a solid foundation upon which to build a thriving online presence – and enjoy the immense satisfaction of creating value in your customers.

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