Mom’s Using YouTube: Targeting Potential is Higher Than You Think

Mom's Using YouTube
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When I think of “Moms using YouTube” my first instinct is to think of my mom and, to be completely honest, I have a hard time imagining her turning to this platform with any degree of regularity. But then I realize that, as the father of two, my wife is also a mom! With that in mind, the pieces start to fall into place around how this platform could provide unprecedented reach into this extremely important demographic group.

Moms Really Do Use YouTube

A recent research piece from Think with Google highlights the opportunities for brands as more and more moms turn to online video. To understand how Moms’ consumption patterns compare and contrast with the typical YouTube user, examine the chart below:


Eighty-three percent of Moms visit YouTube in any given month, about 3% more than the average Internet user. They visit about every other day, watching approximately 5 videos per session, which means that there are about 70 opportunities over the course of a month for a brand to reach this audience on YouTube.

Overall, the centrality of this platform in Moms’ lives is amazing – this is a near daily destination for a group of extremely busy people. How many other platforms could make that claim… a handful?

What Are They Watching?

But is what they watch different at all from the average person? The chart below indicates that Moms spend the most time viewing videos related to music, followed by entertainment and people/blogs.


Context is important here: comparing this to the average YouTube visitor, Moms over-index on 2 times as many categories as they under-index (see chart below).

The implication is that they spread their video watching around to more categories than the average viewer, so any behavioral or programmatic targeting needs to account for this. Moms are far more likely to watch “Family,” “How To,” and “Animal” content, with “Movie Trailers” and “Travel” following up.



This certainly substantiates the “I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy, I-want-to-do moments,” specifically for the “How To” category! Moms are clearly using YouTube to accomplish specific goals in the moment, which brands could capitalize on if they were there for those moments.

This also opens up a lot of additional questions for exploration, such as more in-depth audience profiling to understand where YouTube fits within Moms’ digital lives, the effectiveness of ads running on different categories at igniting Moms’ digital shopping and brand perceptions, and how different digital platforms, YouTube included, act as touchpoints during consumers’ decision making journey.

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Posted on March 25, 2018 in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Author: Jobin John
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