15 Best off-page SEO Techniques 2018

Off-Page SEO techniques
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Top 15 Off-page SEO Techniques for 2018 | 15 Best Off-Page SEO Methods in 2018

We all know that SEO is divided into two parts On-Page SEO which involve optimizing the website internally for search engines and off-page SEO techniques which involve of spreading your website popularity through external sources.

Off-page SEO helps to boost your rankings, therefore, it is highly important for Webmasters.

Let’s look at the Top 15 Off-page SEO techniques for 2018 more closely:

  1. Article Marketing
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Ezine Marketing
  5. Forum Links
  6. Forum Traffic
  7. Freebies
  8. Guest Blogging
  9. Leveraging Efforts
  10. Press Releases
  11. RSS Feeds
  12. Q&A Websites
  13. Search Engine Submission
  14. Social Bookmarking
  15. YouTube

Article Marketing

Article marketing is also known as Article Submission is a very time-consuming method of promotion, but it can bring in a lot of backlinks or traffic depending on how you do it. The idea is to create articles and post them on the Internet. The article has a link or two in the author box at the end of the article. There are several different methods of doing this.

Article marketing method one is to create an article and spin it into many articles. These are either placed in different article directories where people take them and place them on their websites. Or the articles are placed on blog networks Each blog getting a different version of the article.

The articles placed on websites will give you exposure, but will not count as backlinks as they will be duplicate content on all the sites posting the same article. The unique articles on the blogs will give you a link if they are indexed by Google and are on different Class C IPs. If anybody reads them, you could get a little traffic.

Article marketing method two involves the posting of your article in forums that allow you to post articles. This will give you a backlink, add to your credibility, and give you some traffic. This method requires that you spend time at the forum to get to know what people want. The whole idea here is to appear as an expert. You need to write high-quality articles.

Finally, you can provide unique articles for websites related to your niche. You provide them with unique content and you get a backlink in each article that you write.

When doing article marketing try and change the link in the author box from article to article. If you can you should try and link to a related inside page on your website. This will help that page in the search engine.

In conclusion, article marketing can give you backlinks and traffic from your writing efforts. Article marketing can allow you to appear as an expert in the eyes of people reading your articles.

Best Article Submission Websites (Free)

S.No Article Submission Sites DA PA PR
1 http://www.thefreelibrary.com/ 78 82 7
2 http://www.magportal.com 54 61 6
3 http://ezinearticles.com 89 92 6
4 http://hubpages.com/ 87 89 6
5 http://www.brighthub.com/ 68 73 5

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a great way to get targeted traffic. Blog commenting can lead to guest posting if you are lucky. It takes time to find the right blogs. You can just enter your favorite keyword or your niche with the word blog. So you might enter “webmaster blog” or “dating blog” or “weight loss blog” and see how many come up in the results. You might need to try more terms to get a good list of prospects.

Spend some time reading some posts and comments on the blogs. This will give you a better idea of the audience that reads the blog.

You want to add something to the conversation. You want to add value to the personal blog. If your post is not of any value it will be deleted before anybody can see it.

After you get a list you want to get an email address at Google or Yahoo or some other email provider.

When you start you might want to use your name for the name in the comment. Then later after a few approved comments you can try and use a catchy headline instead of your name.

Besides a headline, you will need an email address that is used just for this. You will also need the URL of the page that you want to link to. Some people will link to a related article on their website. Other people will link to a squeeze page. The choice is up to you.

Finally, you will need a great comment that will not be deleted as spam.

To start you will want to post a few times without a link or a headline. Just use your name and email address and leave the URL field blank. This will keep your comments from being deleted as spam.

As long as you provide great comments your will do fine with blog commenting.

To save your self-trouble getting in in the top, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of the blogs that you wish to post in. Then you will be notified when there is a new post and can get a comment that will be seen.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is the easiest way to get backlinks. The nice thing about directory submission is that you get to pick the words that are your link test and you get a vote for the term of the page that you are on.

Directory submission is an ongoing process. You need to do it regularly in the new directories that pop up daily. There are various types of directories and you need to be ready to take advantage of them. There are general directories, paid directories, reciprocal directories, deep link directories, and niche directories. Niche Directories are the best ones to submit to for a valuable link.

When doing directory submission, you want to vary your anchor text and your description. having 10 titles and 10 descriptions will help to keep your submission getting accepted.

Your title should have a keyword in it as the title will be your anchor text.

Descriptions should describe the site and make people want to visit your site. You will need descriptions of various length. Some will want a very short description and some will allow 1000 character or more. Also, some will have a short description and a long description of the submission form. it is best to have a Lot of different lengths.

Free Directory Submission Sites

S.No Directory Submission Sites
1 http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com 53 59 6
2 http://www.prolinkdirectory.com 46 55 4
3 http://www.plazoo.com 61 67 5
4 http://www.elecdir.com 36 42 6
5 http://www.a1webdirectory.org 49 57 5

If you can fit your website in various categories, vary the categories as submit to different directories.

Be prepared for deep link directories. Some will allow you to submit 3 deep links on a free submission. Paid directory submissions will allow more deep links.

Get a free email account at Google, Yahoo, or some other place offering free email accounts. You will want to have this so your regular email is not filled with a promotion that you will get.

You should stay away from automated software when doing directory submission. They usually submit to a general category and not the specific category that you need. Most directory owners will block or drop such submissions. Semi-automated tools can be a help in filling in the forms provided that you are picking the correct category.

InFormEnter a Firefox plugin is a great aid in speeding up the process of filling in forms. You can have as many variations of titles, descriptions as you wish.

Some directories will ask you for a password, so you should have one ready that you can use just for this.

Have your keyword research done so that you know what people are searching for. This will allow you to use the words in your anchor text and help you rank better for these phrases.

When you submit to directories, you want to get directories from a many different Class C IPs as possible. You will want a Firefox extension that shows you the IP address of each directory. This way if you come across 50 directories all put out the same day and all on the same IP, you can decide what to do if you have the tools. Knowing if all those directories hanging off a domain are all on the same IP address can help you decide what directories to submit to and what ones to skip. For this information, you need the ShowIP addon.

Another thing when doing directories is are the links dofollow or not. There is a nice Firefox add-on that will tell you as well as PR, Alexa Rank, Robots.txt file, indexed pages, and backlinks count. To get this information you need the SearchStatus addon.

Another tool that is hand when doing directory submissions is Informational Tab addon. This gives you a thumbnail of the pages. Great to see if directories are cookie cutter directories before you even know their IP. You can see if those new directories all look the same before you start to do any directory submission.

Ezine Marketing

Ezine marketing is where you market your website in online newsletters. It is similar to doing classified ads except that you are targeting who will see your ads. There are several options such as solo ads and discounts for multiple editions runs.

The thing here is to find some ezines that cover your niche or related niches. Read some of the back issues and see what the people reading the newsletter are interested in and the type of ads used in the newsletter.

After you have found a few Ezines in your niche, the most important thing is to create a great attention-grabbing headline. This is a must. If it does not grab their attention, they will not read it.

Next, you will need ad copy that is filled with benefits for the reader. Not features, but how it will make things better for them.

After that, you will need a call to action. This is where you tell them to visit your website or send you an email. Most people send them to a special landing page design for a specific purpose. Either they want to sell them something in the form of a sales letter, or they have a freebie offer that captures their email info on a squeeze page.

The URL that you use should be unique for each Ezine so that you can track performance.

All of the above must be fit within several 65 character lines. you will only be getting 3 or 4 lines to accomplish this. In this space, you want to get their attention, develop a desire for your product or service, and invite them to visit your website.

Before you start doing ezine advertising, you should practice placing free classified ads first. This will allow you to perfect your title and ad copy for free.

Forum Links

Forum posting is a great way to get targeted traffic. You can increase your backlinks for inside pages. Hopefully, increase your position in the search engines for specific keywords.

In order to do a lot of good in your effort, you need to provide a decent answer. It does not have to be the best. You just have to give a good answer. Also, you want to get in on topics that do not have posters. You want to get that number one response. If you get the number one response to a thread, everybody will see your post and your signature link.

List of Top Forum Submission Websites

S.No Forum Submission Sites
1 https://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/ 98 61 9
2 http://www.addthis.com/forum 100 57 8
3 https://bbpress.org/forums/ 79 64 7
4 http://www.careerbuilder.com 88 90 7
5 http://www.chronicle.com/forums 88 44 4

To find unanswered posts, most forums have a link for newest posts and unanswered posts. Bookmarking these will greatly speed you posting activity.

Your signature link(s) and profile link will be what you will be using to get backlinks. In addition to these, some forums allow you to have the latest blog post. This is an opportunity for you to get more exposure for your website.

Forums will require you to meet certain criteria before you can have a signature link. Some will have a higher post requirement than others.

Forums will archive old threads, so this means that you have to keep posting over time so people and search engines will keep seeing your links.

Always read the rules before joining a forum. This will save you wasted time and effort. While you are at it, check to see if they have a website announcement section or a website review section. These will afford you the opportunity for a link or two to your website.

Just don’t join one forum, join 10 in your niche or related niches and you will have more links from different Class C IPs. having links from different Class C IPs is important. Once you are done getting backlinks from these ten forums, pick some more to move on to and gain some more backlinks. Just don’t spend too much time at any one forum, they can become addicting if you spend too much time. Get in check for new posting that you can answer, get your link and go on to the next forum.

Forum Traffic

Posting in forums for traffic is different than for getting backlinks. Here you want to do things a little differently. Be sure to read the rules about self-promotion. Some forums will not allow this.

When posting for traffic, you will be posting in the marketplace or you want to appear as an expert. Becoming an expert requires the best answers. After people see your posting for a while, they will look at your signature and visit your website. It is all about building a positive reputation. It is about building a rapport with the people there.

If they like your answer, they will be inclined to visit your website to see if you have any more good information. The quality of your responses is very important. The better your answers the more attention you will get. Your reputation will increase and people will trust you more if you have a great reputation.

For this method, building trust is very important. This is not a fast thing to do and will not bring you a boatload of traffic overnight. If you notice a lot of people having the same problem, create a tutorial on the subject. This will help build your reputation as a helpful person. If you are lucky they might get stickied, adding more to your reputation.

If they like you from your answers, they might be inclined to buy from you, when they need your services.

If you can you should try and create an eye-catching signature. Not something that is just a bunch of links. You want to have something that is like a mini classified ad.

When you are posting, always be upbeat, positive and don’t get caught up with what others are doing on the forum. Don’t complain about other people, just keep posting good information. Avoid politics and such on the forums. You want to gain a lot of virtual friends who will buy from you.

Remember, that every post is another opportunity to get someone to buy, or signup for your newsletter.

When evaluation a forum to join, look at the threads and posts. Also look at the dates of the posts. You want a forum with a lot of threads and a lot of posts. Most importantly, you want a forum that is active with a lot of new posts and threads every day.

This is not an easy or quick way to get traffic. It requires a lot of effort and time spent at the forum. This method is for people who plan to spend many years at the forum. This may not be for everybody. Don’t forget to visit the resource page for forum resources.


Everybody likes something for free. Give something of quality for free and people will talk. If you create something like an ebook or a cheat sheet that people will need, it will get passed around and give you more exposure.

Getting free exposure is great and can lead to a lot of free traffic. The nice thing about a freebie is that it can circulate for years bringing you traffic for years from now. No extra effort to get traffic.

The first thing is to create a quality ebook or cheat sheet or something else that people will need and will share. The second thing to do is to provide a link or some kind of branding that will give you traffic. A good way to do this is to provide another free offer at the end of the ebook. They have to go to your website to get the other free offer.

Once you have created your product, you will need to promote it. This is easy. You can look for freebie directories and place a listing there. These directories will link to your website. This will give you a backlink so try and get good anchor text.

Alternately, you can go to a forum and offer it for people to give away as a gift. People who are marketing will always be looking for a free gift that they can give people who subscribe to an email newsletter or as an incentive to buy something. Either way, you will be getting exposure to people who might buy your product or service. Just tell people that they are free to distribute it, but they can not modify it.

The best way to get an idea of what to offer is to visit forums and see what kinds of questions are asked. Create an ebook or a course or even software that takes care of the needs of people. If you don’t have the time to write a course or the skills to create an app or program, you can outsource this.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a great way to get targeted traffic. If you have been a regular commenter at a blog this is easier. You need to know about the blog and the readership of the blog. Once you understand the blog, you can suggest an article.

Writing a guest blog post is like writing a regular informational article for your website. There are a few differences. First of all, you will need to be linking to pages on their website.

You can search for your niche related guest blogging sites using Google search, simply use the following search terms but replace “Keyword” with Your “Niche Keyword”

keyword “submit a guest post”
keyword “guest post”
keyword “guest post by
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “guest post guidelines”

Referencing articles on that website will help the owner of the site. Secondly, these links should be SEOed. Thirdly, The content should be Optimized so the blog owner does not have to do it. As you can see, you want to create a finely crafted piece of prose. Don’t forget while doing this to provide good pictures that are optimized by filename and have alt tags.

Once, you are approved, you still have some work to do. You have to answer questions that people have. You should be promoting this article like it was an article on your website. Tweet it, bookmark it, post a link to it on your website, add it to your RSS feed, etc.

Getting a guest post is a process that starts by building a relationship with the blogger. You need to get to know the blogger by posting comments on the posts. After you get to know the demographics of the blog, you can suggest an article idea for the blog. If the blogger likes the idea, submit your article and any pictures in a zip. If you are lucky and people like the post, you might suggest another article along the same lines. If you are really lucky some other bloggers might ask you to do a guest post for them.

In the bottom of the post, you will include a little author bio with a link to your website.

Guest blogging is not the fastest way to get a link, but it does allow you to gain access to traffic from other sources and increase traffic to your website.

Leveraging Efforts

There are many ways to promote your website. You do not have to start from scratch to do something else. You can reuse some of your past efforts. This is a great way to get the most from your efforts.

Leveraging your efforts is very easy to do and can bring you traffic for years to come from one action. For example, you can create ten articles on web hosting. These can be spun and published in different article directories. You can take the spun version of each article and use each as a tutorial in forums. You can take the original versions of the articles and turn it into an ebook. You can offer this ebook as a gift for signing up for your newsletter.

If you wanted you cold contact bloggers and tell that you have a free ebook that people can have by signing up for your newsletter. You can take that ebook and embed some ads for products or services that you offer, or some affiliate links.

Then you can allow people to give it away as a free gift at their website. You could even offer it in freebie directories if you wanted. You could even take those articles and use them as a basis for articles as a guest blogger.

You turned a few articles on a topic into several traffic streams. Streams that can be bringing you traffic for years. Whatever you are doing, try and think of ways to get the most from your effort.

Press Releases

Press Releases can be a good way to get backlinks. The backlinks can be on the web pages of your website. In addition to backlinks that can create a buzz about your website and give you a lot of traffic over a short period of time. Besides the regular places that carry them, bloggers may write about your website and give you more exposure.

Best Free Press Release Websites

S.No Document Sharing Websites DA PA PR
1 https://www.prlog.org 82 85 7
2 https://www.pr.com 79 83 6
3 http://www.pr-inside.com 65 71 5
4 https://www.newswire.com 74 79 6
5 http://www.onlineprnews.com 55 63 6

Press Releases need to focus on what is in it for the people. Don’t list features. Tell how the features will benefit the visitors to your website.

The common structural elements of a Press Release:

The headline is used to grab attention and briefly summarize the news. You want to put most of your effort here. The better the headline the more people will read your press release.

The dateline simply contains the release date and usually the originating city of the press release.

The introduction is the first paragraph in a press release. The introduction answers the basic questions of who, what, when, where and why in response to the headline of your press release.

The body further explains what your press release is about. Here you will give further information: background on the problem, statistics, benefits of your product or service, or other details relevant to the news.

The Boilerplate is generally a short “About Us” section, providing background information on the issuing company, organization, or individual. This is like your author box in an article that you have published.

The close is how you indicate the end of the press release. This is either “###” or “-30-“, in some parts of the world it is tradition to use “ends”. The close appears right after the boilerplate or body and before the media contact information.

Media Contact Information
This section provides your readers of the press release with information on how to contact your company for more information. The media contact information section is where you place the name, phone number, email address, postal address, for the PR or other media relations contact person.

RSS Feeds

RSS promotion is one of the easiest ways to promote your website. You can make money from this also. All you have to do is provide the lists of content at your website. RSS feeds can provide an index of sorts of the content of your website. Making it easier for people to find the content they might want to read.

RSS feeds are sent to various websites and you get exposure for your content. You can set it up to have your full content. You can have titles and an abstract, or just titles in your RSS feed. It is up to you. You can allow people to get the full content of your articles in your RSS feed. If so, you can embed ads in it and make money. They never have to come to your website to read if you do that, they download the articles that they want in their RSS reader.

A nice thing about RSS feeds is that you can have more than one. You can have one by date of publication, another by the author, another by keywords, another by category, and another by title. Each term and each category can be a feed, that means that each article can be in several feeds. If you wanted, you could have one for ten newest articles and articles this month. Since every article is in several feeds, it can get indexed several times under different terms. Having each article indexed under relevant terms helps people find it.

If you do not have the website software doing this for you, that is not a problem you can just use an online RSS generator. Then you will just have to upload the feeds to your server. Just reference them and they will be spidered. Once you have these files, you can manually add new pages to them. Then all you have to do is ping the sites that take care of tracking such things and you will have a lot of backlinks pointing to your inside pages. Remember, to update your feeds when you add new content or update pages.

If you do have more than one feed, make sure that each feed has more than one article in it. You should have several before you publish a feed. Make it easy on yourself, place all your feeds in a folder called “feeds”. If you want, you could make an index file that lists all the different feeds for that folder.

Q&A Websites

Question and answer sites can bring you traffic and backlinks. This is not easy and requires a lot of work. It is like doing forums, you need to build up your reputation before people will trust you. here you need to build up your reputation before you try and get aggressive. You first need to provide answers that don’t promote your website.

After you have provided answers that are good, you can start promoting your website in some of the answers that you provide. You can do these several different ways.

The easiest way to cite your website as a reference for your answer. You just provide an answer and then you say source a webpage on your website. Of course, your webpage has to answer this question. Every answer that you provide should not link back to your website. You want it to look natural and not appear as self-promotion.

A more direct method is to reference your page in the answer. This is more aggressive and you, of course, do not want to do this for every question that you answer. You want to answer to promote your website and you want to answer other questions without a link to your website. You want to appear like a regular person. If you want you could provide references to several different sites in your answer with one of then being your webpage.

The most aggressive method is the easiest to get banned for doing. You create two accounts and use one for answering your questions and the other for asking questions.

Question and Answer Websites

S.No Question and Answer Sites DA PA PR
1 https://answers.yahoo.com/ 100 91 8
2 http://askville.amazon.com/ 97 69 8
3 https://www.quora.com/ 87 90 7
4 http://www.blurtit.com/ 49 57 4
5 http://www.ehow.com/ 90 91 6

For this, to work, you need to have a good reputation on both accounts, and you must answer other peoples questions.

You will answer your own question – a question that is very popular. Then you log out and wait several hours and log in to your second account. Using your second account, you post an answer with a link to your website.

After you have posted, find some more questions to answer that are not yours. Logout and wait several hours for the account that you used for creating the question. Once logged in, find your question. Once you have found your question, find your answer that you posted with your second account. Mark this as best answer.

This answer will appear at the top of responses right after the question. Everybody will see your answer that points to your website. Now find and answer some questions asked by other people.

Doing this from different computers with different IPs it will be better for you. Less likely to get banned if the computers and IPs are different. If you are doing this on Yahoo Answers, you will want both accounts on level 2 before starting to answer your own questions.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission to the major search engines is usually not required. The major search engines will find you soon after you register your domain name. There is not any real need to do it with the major search engines.

Search engine submission is something you might want to do for some of the lesser known or niche search engines. It will take you only a few minutes at one of the free places that have the automatic script that will do it for you. If you wish you can get the names from such places and manually do it. Most of your traffic will come from the major search engines and the ones that they supply data to.

If you want better control over indexing, you can get a webmaster account at Google and Bing. This will allow you to submit your sitmap.xml for having your pages indexed. Does not guarantee that you will be indexed. In addition to submitting your sitemap, you can see if there are problems keeping your pages from being indexed.

Search Engine Submission Services
Search engine submission services are a waste of your money. You should not pay someone to submit your website to search engines. The search engines will find your website from links in the various forums, directories, social bookmarking websites, and other websites linking to your website.

Re-Inclusion Requests
About the only time that you will have to do a directory submission is when you need to submit for re-inclusion. This usually happens after you have been banned. Then you will have to find out why you were banned and fix the problem. After the problem is fixed you will have to use their submission form for re-inclusion.

Outside of paid inclusion search engines, foreign language, niche, or re-inclusion you do not need to submit to search engines to get indexed. Just get your website listed in the proper places and you will show for the proper terms in the search engines. Proper selection of keywords for your pages and use in backlinks will greatly increase your ranking in the search engines.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an easy way to get links to inside pages. The more votes that your inside pages get the better they will rank in the search engines. That will bring you more traffic over the long haul. There are literally hundreds of bookmarking sites. Some get a log of traffic and others get very little, but they all will give you a backlink.

Social bookmarking websites can be as simple as just joining and placing a link to your latest article. It can get complicated like Twitter or Facebook by having to follow people and hoping that they will visit you. It is up to you as to how much time and effort you want to put into social bookmarking.

Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

S.No Social bookmarking sites DA PA PR
1 https://delicious.com 98 96 8
2 http://stumbleupon.com 98 90 8
3 http://digg.com 99 96 7
4 http://slashdot.org 94 95 7
5 http://diigo.com 92 65 7
6 http://technorati.com/ 99 95 7

Social bookmarking works best when all the links are not to your website. You want it to look natural. You need to include links to other websites. So add some sites that are authority sites and other websites that people will be interested in seeing. Mix in your links, but not a link to every webpage on your website.

Most social bookmark services encourage users to organize their bookmarks with tags. The use of tags allows for feeds that people can subscribe to. This allows your bookmarks to be shared with a lot of people interested in that tag. This is why keyword research is important. You want to know which words are popular so that they can be used as tags.

Since some social bookmarking services rank content on the basis of how many times it is bookmarked, it is a good idea to install plugins or install code from services like AddThis or Share this to all your web pages. This will help by letting people bookmark your pages for you and increasing the links to your website.

Websites can be listed on social bookmarking sites before search engines discover them. So having pages listed on social bookmarking websites can be a great aide in getting web pages indexed by the search engines.


Youtube promotion can be done several different ways depending on your skills and desires.

The first method involves the creation of a sales video. You will need a catchydigital marketing services headline. at the end of this, you make a call to action to visit your website. Like making an infomercial. Create an interesting angle to promote this video in forums, social bookmarking sites, and in classifieds.

The second method is to place a nice informational video on a topic that lots of your target market will be interested in. You place a for more cool information like this visit your website at the end of the video. Also, below the video in the description place a link to your website. Once you have this video up you need to bookmark it on social bookmarking sites.

The third method is the easiest to do. No production needed at all. You find videos that have good traffic and no links in the description area. You either offer to buy a link in the description or by the account that has the video from the person and place your link below it.


I hope you are able to understand the importance of Off-Page SEO techniques and how to implement them the right way. If done correctly these OffPage SEO methods can help you boost your online rankings.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please leave them below and if you are looking for a reliable SEO partner to get the job done then get in touch with us.

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