SEO Analysis for Towing Company

SEO Analysis for Towing Company
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SEO Analysis for Towing Company

SEO services for Towing Business

Before we talk about the SEO analysis for towing company lets understand what is a towing business all about. As per Wikipedia “Towing is coupling at least two vehicles together with the goal that they might be pulled by an assigned power source or sources. The towing source might be a mechanized land vehicle, vessel, creature, or human, the heap anything that can be pulled. These might be joined by a chain, rope, bar, hitch, three-point, fifth wheel, coupling, drawbar, integrated platform, or different methods for keeping the vehicles together while in movement”.

We recently performed a live SEO analysis for a Towing company showing how to perform on-page search engine optimization and created a roadmap for improving the website ranking.

Here is the video,

What we did,

We did a quick SEO test on the website and found a ton of information that was missing on the website and needed to be added in order to improve their online presence. There are more than 200 Google ranking metrics that need to be followed in order rank on top of search results, however, the tricky part is only a few of these procedures are disclosed and the rest is all based on studying Google algorithms which keep on changing from time to time. You really cannot blame Google for this as they are simply trying to provide best search results to their users and avoid spammers and other black hat SEO practicing websites.

We checked on each and every factor of the onpage SEO such as Meta Title, Meta Description and also H1 & H2 tags. Then we check on the Meta Keywords as well. Then we focus on the websites structure and some more things like Schema Markup, SSL certifications, Open Graph Data A.K.A. OG Data.

Finally, based on competitor analysis an offpage link building strategy is discussed which will organically help the website boost its ranking. Now, everything cannot be disclosed in the video, however, our major offpage SEO technique involves getting PBN links to the website along with Tier 1 backlinks from Web 2.0 web sites followed by Guest Posting & Social Outreach tactics. All this will take you to the numero uno position of the Google search.

If your business also needs a boost of ranking which leads to more customers and that too organically, simply get in touch.

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Posted on August 16, 2017 in Search Engine Optimization

Author: Jobin John
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