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SEO Basics
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During SEO basics, It’s pretty common that at least a couple of the comments left on a blog post on our site say, “Hey, can you give me some tips on my site?”

Our entire blog is dedicated to helping people learn about SEO basics, giving tips for better websites, and keeping them updated on the latest industry news, so their comments are a bit puzzling to me. Did they actually read the post? Are those comments just spam?

But I understand some readers may not have the time or tenacity to wade through the archive to find what they need, so I decided to put together a post that people can use as a resource (or something I can link to when they ask) to learn about SEO. I’ve combed through the archives for you and linked to a few—ok, a whole bunch—of great articles that will get you on your way to better rankings and more traffic to your site.

Not all our subscribers have an SEO background, so I separated the article into different levels of expertise. Check it out to see if there are gaps in your SEO basics campaign.

Is this you? Someone said I should do SEO for my website, but I don’t know the SEO basics.

If that sounds like where you’re starting from, welcome to the SEO world. You might be interested in investing in SEO coaching to get your business a jump-start. With coaching, one of our experts helps you improve your site while teaching you how to do SEO yourself. There are full-service SEO packages if you prefer to completely outsource it. If you’re just interested in reading up on it, I’d recommend you start with the basics of what SEO is, common mistakes and how to steer clear of shady SEO companies.

  1. You might be skeptical of search engine marketing altogether, which is pretty common, but you need it and our SEO article explain why.
  2. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can sound like a different language when you’re just getting started. This article describes how Google gets information from your website and how they know where to rank it in search engine results.
  3. There is no “secret formula” to search engine optimizing a website, but our professional SEO team has written about the method he uses to get clients results: content, relevancy, and popularity.
  4. If you’re going to outsource for SEO services, know that there are scummy companies that will try to rip you off. Follow the guidelines in this post to find a reputable firm that will make your investment worthwhile.

You could be this guy who thinks, I know a little bit about SEO. Maybe.

Chances are you are probably looking for the first few steps toward making your website more search engine friendly but aren’t sure where to start. Our SEO experts recommend starting with on-page optimization techniques like fixing any problems with your website’s code and making it easy for search engine spiders to index your site. We offer free SEO that covers many of these on-page optimization techniques and SEO coaching if you’d rather learn to do it yourself.

  1. Take steps toward better rankings by fixing header tags, sitemap, navigation, 404 errors, alt image info, and metadata.
  2. Learn what trackbacks and pingbacks are and why they are valuable for your site.
  3. Read up on how to optimize anchor text for your website.
  4. Find out how fast your site loads and how to fix slow times so you aren’t losing traffic.
  5. Rid your site of all duplicate content.
  6. Here is an article that tells you how you should not under any circumstance acquire links.
  7. Heed the advice in this article and avoid the mistakes other people have made when optimizing their sites.

SEO Basics


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The third type of person, my site has been optimized, but I’m not ranking well.

It sounds like you may be thinking of SEO as a one-time deal. According to experts, on-page optimization holds a strong percentage of what SEO is today. Google has changed the game and your website has no chance of ranking well for competitive keywords if you’re not working on getting your website optimized, earn credible links to your site, developing high-quality content and building your brand on social networks. If you need help doing those things, sign up for a consultation with an expert from the Egochi Marketing team.

  1. You have to have an embedded WordPress blog.
  2. Don’t assume your business doesn’t have a lot to write about. This post is guaranteed to help you come up with plenty of topics for your blog.
  3. Don’t post junky content though. You have the expertise to share and this is how to write great content and get people to read it.
  4. Getting listed on directory submission sites and started on Google+ is a must.
  5. Make sure you’ve marked your territory, established authorship and started working on your brand.
  6. Organic SEO basics will get you traffic eventually, but you’ll have to help the process along by getting your content out there. There are traditional methods like a press release and article distribution sites, but don’t forget about the less conventional ones.
  7. Links matter. A lot. But they’re not all created equal. Focus on getting good links and stay away from this kind.

SEO Basics

Are you this fourth guy? My rankings tanked or are erratic, and I’m looking for an explanation.

Fluctuations are bound to happen because Google is always updating the search engine algorithm. Unlike the cute zoo animals their names may bring to mind, Panda and Penguin were major updates that shook up the SEO world and were designed to improve the quality of search results. You might have a problem due to that. Another reason your website might have a problem due to poorly written code, black-hat techniques, or duplicate content.

When you need troubleshooting help, SEO consulting can be exactly what you need. A consultant gives you short-term help to analyze the problem and make recommendations for how to fix it.

  1. See the trends and a bigger picture of your website traffic by setting up Google Analytics.
  2. Learn more about Panda, which has 21 updates so far and continues to be updated almost every month.
  3. As the algorithm evolves, some SEO basics techniques become no-no’s that Google will penalize you for using when you’re caught. Find out white hat SEO and black hat SEO.
  4. Keep up with the latest updates to the algorithm by following SEO blogs like the ones this article talks about.
The fifth guy, is this you? I’m ready for more advanced techniques.

If you’re sure you’ve taken care of all the other stuff, forge ahead into even more ways to improve your site, build your brand, increase traffic and boost your conversion rates. First read about some off-page SEO Strategies and then go with these

  1. Interviews of prominent SEO figures can help you track trends and adopt new techniques early.
  2. Interacting online using social media can be a new frontier for some business owners, but it’s definitely essential for SEO success.
  3. Learn how to improve keyword research and copywriting.
  4. With the explosion of mobile search, invest some time and effort to do mobile SEO well.
  5. Online merchants can take on e-commerce SEO with this open-source, search engine friendly, e-commerce product.


Like its title, this is only an SEO basics starter guide, not a comprehensive list, but hopefully, it helps some people make their websites better and add to their client base. What other topics would you like to hear more about, mention them in the comments below? I’ll do the heavy-lifting for you and find an article that addresses it.

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