SEO for Vaping Company Websites: 7 Tips for SERPs Domination

SEO for Vaping Company
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7 SEO Tips to Improve Your Vaping Company Websites

The vaping industry is booming and so is the competition especially to capture the online market.

With thousands of online stores popping up every day offering discounts and unique juice flavors, grabbing clients can become challenging.

The best part?

The competition is beatable and you can drive regular sales to your online store by optimizing your website and adding the key SEO elements along with applying these out of the box tips.

Here are 7 SEO tips that will improve your vaping company website and help dominate the search results.

1. Run an SEO Audit

The best place to start is to check your website for the missing and incorrect on-page SEO elements.

If you ask me, the SEO audit plays a vital role in mapping your online ranking success thus you need to pay extra attention to this point.

You will be able to find the answers to your questions such as why your website is not ranking or why your website traffic keeps dropping.

In order to perform an SEO audit correctly pay attention to these areas:

  1. Website structure: XML Sitemap, robots.txt, URL redirects.
  2. Page Identifiers: H1-H6 tags, Meta Description.
  3. Quality Content: No duplicate content, canonical tags, redirects.
  4. Linking: Link to internal pages, fix broken links.
  5. Speed: Website load time, mobile friendliness.

Bring these five into existence and you will notice a spike in your rankings and organic traffic.

A well-optimized website will definitely rank better than a non-optimized one.

2. Create Quality Content

Google made it clear in their recent algorithm updates that they are going to promote and boost rankings of sites that post well written and researched content.

When writing an article you need to be sure that your readers are able to relate to it and it helps them out.

I usually recommend creating content that is focused on answering questions, providing insight into the vaping industry, reports, case studies, sharing techniques, and how to do stuff.

Once you accomplish in generating high-quality content ensure that you add the right schema markup to your articles.

Here are some essentials you can use to create good content for your website:

  1. Write short paragraphs with one to two sentences.
  2. Add supporting images.
  3. Embed videos.
  4. Use bulleted & numbered list.
  5. Focus on content length.
  6. Mention keywords in the title & body.
  7. Paste schema markup code.
  8. Interlink with other pages.
  9. Link to other sites.
  10. Write on trending topics.
  11. Call-to-action within the content.
  12. Avoid a sales pitch instead provide value.
  13. Have social sharing buttons near the article.
  14. Talk to your audience with your content.
  15. Add infographics.

If you are a content writer then using these essential guidelines will definitely boost your skills. If you are the business owner of the vaping company then I recommend hiring a professional content writer to get this done. You can get in touch with us for assistance.

3. Run Ads on Reddit

Most advertising platforms do not allow vape ads to run on their network however at Reddit there is room for everyone.

Reddit got approximately 2 billion visits as per the data retrieved in July 2018 and the visitors were mostly from US, UK, and Canada. These stats prove that advertising on Reddit is definitely worth it.

There are limitations on the ads as you cannot post ads on all communities instead back in 2016 Reddit made the ads limited to certain subreddits.

Here is the list of subreddit communities you can run your vaping ads on:

  • r/Vaping
  • r/electronic_cigarette
  • r/Vaping101
  • r/vaporents
  • r/vapeitforward
  • r/VapePorn
  • r/stopsmoking
  • r/DIY_eJuice
  • r/ecigclassifieds

  • Every community mentioned above has a decent number of subscribers. Advertising on them would definitely attract more visitors to your site and encourage them to take action i.e. buying vape devices & juices.

    Running ads on Reddit is a simple and easy process and is almost similar to any other PPC platform.

    You can choose your own budget along with the targeted location and finally pick your niche.

    If you are confused about advertising on Reddit then you can also get support by sending an email to [email protected].

    Some Reddit PPC tips:

  • Create a Reddit account and activate it using your business email that you check on a regular basis to ensure that you do not miss on alerts and notifications.
  • Visit Reddit advertising platform to start your ad campaign, and read the set guidelines & rules before doing anything.
  • Study the subreddit communities by reading submissions by members and the level of interaction as this would help you choose your target audience.
  • Set your budget and target location along with that choose a focused niche.
  • Learn the reddit advertisement dashboard to analyze the performance of your ads and make necessary changes if necessary.
  • Ensure that you understand the basics of your campaign and monitor it on a regular basis.
  • Make your promotion to connect with your target audience and not as a sales pitch.
  • Add impressive images to your add that can encourage viewers to click on your advertisement however if you have an video that you want to promote then select the video promotional option when setting up your campiagn.
  • Keep your budget in place and invest on a daily basis for a period of atleast 30 days to get desired results.

  • Awesome Tip: I always post something interesting in the community before I run an ad on it. This way I can check how active the subscribers really are and this helps me plan out a strategy.

    4. Partner with Vape Podcasters

    Podcasting has just boomed in the vaping industry. You will find many vape artists performing cool vape stunts on various channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.You will find a ton of people uploading videos about there experience with vape devices and various flavored juices.

    The best part about these podcasters is that they are loved by a lot of people which is kind of obvious looking at the number of subscribers they have acquired over the time.

    As a vape company this is a goldmine for opportunities as if you are able to convince one podcaster to review your device and juices then I am sure that you will be able to sell a lot of products.

    Here are tips to guide you with the process:

  • Search for Vaping on YouTube and click on the channel link then visit the about section, here you will be able to click on the view email button and verify the spam captcha to see the email. Create an excel file and capture multiple influencer contacts into it.
  • Send out an offer to these podcasters that will make them review your device. Some best practices are offering free supply of vape devices and juices for a period of 3 months.
  • Contact multiple influencers in order to grow your outreach and target a wider audience. The influencers may be located at various locations so be sure to check out their location in the about section or simply as them for their geo location.
  • List Content

  • As per a client by following the influencer marketing approach they were able to grow their sales by 467% in a period of 6 months. This is some powerful stuff and should not be neglected at all. Once you have influencer converting higher sales conversions you can offer them rewards like cash, featured position on your website and mentions on social media platforms.

    5. Start Guest Posting

    Guest posting is an SEO strategy where you write and publish articles on other sites with the link of your website within the article in the form of an anchor text.

    This method is a great way to grow your websites authority and beat your competition.

    Be cautious and ensure that you never buy a guest post article nor exchange links as this is unethical and can get your website banned on Google.

    Always search for genuine guest post sites with a good amount of organic traffic and high page authority. You need to check these guidelines before you start guest posting:

  • Use tools like Ahrefs & Alexa to check a websites organic traffic then use Moz tool to check the websites page authority along with domain authority.
  • Instead of looking for ways to post content on a site first create qualifiers for yourself as these would make sure that you do not post links on a spammy site.
  • Check if the GP site has a social media page and then check on their followers along with social sharing frequency.
  • Contact them by using their contact form or their guest posting site and follow the given guidelines for submitting an article. Remember to run away from sites that ask for money in order to post an article.
  • Insert variation of anchor texts within the guest post article and avoid focusing on just one keyword as this looks way too spammy.

  • Search Google using these keywords and you will be able to find the desired guest posting sites:

  • "submit * post" e-cigarette
  • "submit * guest post" e-cigarette
  • submit * post" Vaping
  • "guest posts wanted" e-cigarette
  • "guest bloggers wanted" Vaping
  • "submit * guest post" Vape
  • "submit *article" Vape
  • L"become * guest writer" Vape
  • "become * author" Vape
  • "submit *article" Vaping
  • "submit * guest post" Vaping
  • "write for us" Vaping
  • "suggest *guest post" e-cigarette
  • "write for us" e-cigarette
  • "become * author" e-cigarette

  • Here are some GP sites to choose from:


  • Guest posting is a powerful method to boost your online rankings and grow your sales however you need to spend some time researching about the GP sites and their reputation. As only then can it really make an impact and support your website to grow online.

    6. Register with Google My Business

    Regardless of the fact that you are an online vape shop or a physical store you definitely need a local listing on Google maps.

    By registering with Google My Business you grow your chances of getting picked up by local vapers more often which leads to more sales. You would need to optimize your listing on GMB as only then can it look, rank and feel good to the visitors.

    Ranking on Google map packs is an interesting subject in itself however you first need to cover your basics such as add images, information, timings, details, address, phone number etc. to your listing.

    Then comes the part where you build trust and brand value to your listing which is achieved by collecting 5-star reviews and posting articles on Google my business listing.

    Use these tips to grow your visibility on the maps:

  • Add correct information. Enter all your details correctly such as the website URL, business timings, customer service phone number, address, images, videos, appointment URL and description of the business.
  • Verify your business. Get yourself verified on Google My Business by using the given options when registering for the listing. Mostly they will send out an postcard with a 5 digit code in the mail or will ask you to verify the business over the phone.
  • Add map to website. Copy the embeded code of your business location and paste it to your contact page as well as the footer section of your website.

  • By following these steps the chances are that your business will start appearing in the local search results. If you do not see it then start building citations and directory submissions for your business.

    7. Be Active on Social Media

    Social media will not improve your rankings but it will surely build your brand value if you post good quality content on it.

    Google does look at social media signals for every website and it could be considered however there is no such certain proof that social media is definitely a ranking factor.

    Being active on social media definitely have its perks such as:

  • You are able to build an audience for your business.
  • Communications, offers, customer service, deals and news can directly be shared with your audience.
  • It enables you to sell your vape devices and juices using quality content.
  • Drives a ton of traffic to your website which can be converted into sales.

  • Use these tips when dealing with social media platforms:

  • Always have a business page and not a profile page.
  • Try to post more videos than just text or links.
  • Use Hashtags to target specific audience such as #vape #vaping etc.
  • Tag influencers, groups and important people from the vaping industry in your posts.
  • Keep posting content on a regular basis at a time gap of 3-4 hours.
  • Avoid using automating tools to auto post content instead try to manually post them.

  • There are powerful social media networks out there and you may not be able to run your ads on them but you surely create business accounts and attract your potential customers using the high-quality content.

    Keep your social media accounts fresh and unique by posting variations of content such as news, events, offers, deals, funny videos, trending videos and links etc.

    By posting 8-10 times every day you will be able to see growth in your social media followers & subscribers. These are your assets in the long run and you can take this to the bank.


    Once you apply these powerful SEO for vaping company tips you will be able to build a brand name in the market.

    If you have not achieved success yet due to heavy competition then you are the right person to use these tips religiously. There are millions of vape users in the world today and you can definitely grab a piece of this huge audience.

    The key to success lies in making your categories and subcategories stronger by building quality links to it and posting high-quality content. This will outrank your competition and make you the industry leader in the time to come.

    As a business owner, it may be tough to apply all these helpful tips thus we at Egochi are here to help you out. Our SEO professionals are great at creating awesome content, optimizing your website, create links and branding your business. You can achieve a lot more by doing so.

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