Artisanal Crafts

The client, an online store offering a diverse range of handmade artisanal crafts, struggled to carve a niche for themselves in the bustling world of online retail. Despite showcasing unique, high-quality products, they experienced difficulty gaining traction online and attracting their target audience.



The primary issue the business faced was their low visibility on search engines for craft-related keywords. This low visibility translated to poor organic website traffic, resulting in below-par sales. They also struggled with a high bounce rate due to suboptimal website design and user experience.


The business wanted to improve their SERP rankings for specific craft-related keywords, increase organic traffic to their website, enhance on-site user experience and engagement, and ultimately, grow their online sales.


At Egochi, we formulated a strategy that involved:

  • Detailed website audit and optimization for improved user experience and SEO.
  • Keyword research to target relevant craft-related search terms.
  • A link-building strategy to enhance the site’s authority.
  • A content strategy to engage and inform their audience about the value and process behind artisanal crafts.


We started by conducting a comprehensive website audit, which identified key issues impacting the website’s user experience and SEO. We then optimized the site’s layout, improved its load speed, and enhanced mobile compatibility.

Alongside this, we carried out keyword research to find high-volume, low-competition search terms relevant to artisanal crafts. These keywords were integrated into their website’s content, meta tags, and product descriptions.

To build the site’s authority, we implemented a link-building strategy, procuring high-quality backlinks from reputable craft and design websites.

Finally, we launched a content strategy focused on educating consumers about the value, uniqueness, and process behind handmade artisanal crafts. This involved publishing regular blog posts and sharing stories from the artisans themselves.


Over ten months, the results of our strategy were profound. The website’s organic traffic saw a 300% increase, and the bounce rate decreased by 40%. The site began ranking on the first page of Google for multiple craft-related keywords, leading to a 70% boost in online sales. The on-site engagement also significantly improved, evidenced by a 60% increase in average session duration.


This case study serves as a testament to the transformative potential of a well-rounded SEO strategy for an ecommerce business. By enhancing both the technical and content elements of the artisanal crafts store’s website, we were able to boost their online visibility, user engagement, and sales, underscoring the vital role SEO plays in ecommerce success.

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