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The client, a boutique online wine store, curated a remarkable selection of fine wines from vineyards worldwide. Despite their array of high-quality offerings, the store faced a challenging task of effectively connecting with wine lovers on the digital platform.

online wine store


The wine store found itself lost in the vast digital vineyard, grappling with poor SERP visibility for key wine-related keywords. The lack of online visibility led to low organic traffic and dwindling online sales. Additionally, an outdated and less-than-optimal website user interface contributed to high bounce rates.


The client aimed to heighten their SERP ranking for specific wine-related keywords, foster organic website traffic, improve on-site user experience, and eventually, uncork their online sales potential.


Egochi uncorked a specially crafted SEO strategy that included:

  • Revamping the website with an aesthetically pleasing design and seamless user interface.
  • Conducting exhaustive keyword research to identify the ‘vintage’ keywords for higher visibility.
  • Building high-quality backlinks to heighten the website’s credibility.
  • Implementing a content strategy that would cater to the refined taste of wine enthusiasts.


The first course of action involved a complete website revamp. We gave the website a sophisticated look that mirrored the store’s elite collection, and we streamlined the interface for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.

While the design team was busy giving the website a makeover, our SEO team dove into extensive keyword research. They identified the most relevant and high-traffic generating keywords that aligned with the store’s offerings and the search behavior of wine enthusiasts. These keywords were strategically infused into the website content, meta descriptions, and product details.

To boost the website’s credibility, we initiated a robust link-building campaign. We identified and reached out to high-authority wine and lifestyle blogs and websites for guest posting and backlink opportunities.

Lastly, we created a bespoke content strategy. We created informative articles on wine pairings, the art of wine tasting, and spotlight features on different types of wines, keeping the content engaging, informative, and delightful for wine connoisseurs.


Over a period of six months, the website’s transformation was complete, and the results were poured out – there was a 225% increase in organic traffic, and the bounce rate dropped by 28%. The store’s SERP ranking for multiple wine-related keywords found itself on the first page, leading to a 50% surge in online sales. User engagement also improved significantly, as seen in a 40% increase in average session duration.


This case study perfectly encapsulates how a well-rounded, tailored SEO strategy can boost the digital presence and success of a niche ecommerce business. Through comprehensive website revamp, focused keyword optimization, strategic link-building, and engaging content marketing, we managed to substantially enhance the boutique wine store’s visibility, user engagement, and online sales.

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