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The client, an online specialty store offering a variety of premium coffee beans, found itself grounded in the crowded digital marketplace. Despite their exceptional collection, they struggled to gain the visibility they deserved due to poor SERP rankings.

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The coffee bean store was overshadowed on search engine results pages for crucial coffee-related keywords, leading to low organic traffic and unsatisfying online sales. Furthermore, the user experience on their website was not up to par, leading to high bounce rates.


The client sought to elevate their search engine rankings for specific coffee-related keywords, stimulate organic traffic to their website, enhance user experience on their platform, and ultimately, increase their online sales volume.


Egochi brewed a potent SEO strategy that encompassed:

  • A comprehensive website audit and necessary tweaks for improved user experience and SEO.
  • Detailed keyword research to identify high-value coffee-related search terms.
  • Building authoritative backlinks to enhance the website’s credibility.
  • A content marketing strategy focusing on the rich world of coffee.


Our initial step was a thorough website audit that exposed various SEO and user experience issues. The site underwent numerous optimizations, including improved site speed, enhanced mobile compatibility, and a streamlined user interface.

Simultaneously, our team carried out extensive keyword research, identifying valuable search terms that coffee enthusiasts frequently used. These keywords were then strategically incorporated into the site’s content, metadata, and product descriptions.

To increase the site’s credibility, we launched a robust link-building campaign, securing high-quality backlinks from esteemed coffee blogs and food websites.

Lastly, we implemented a content marketing strategy that hit the sweet spot with the target audience. We curated engaging blog posts and articles on different types of coffee beans, brewing methods, and coffee pairing, keeping the content appealing and informative for coffee lovers.


The dedicated SEO campaign yielded impressive results within seven months. The website saw a 245% rise in organic traffic, and the bounce rate fell by 33%. The site began appearing on the first page of search results for several key coffee-related terms, leading to a 60% increase in online sales. User engagement also improved significantly, demonstrated by a 38% increase in the average session duration.


This case study showcases how a well-planned and executed SEO strategy can significantly boost an ecommerce business’s digital presence. By improving the coffee bean store’s online visibility, user engagement, and sales, we’ve highlighted the essential role SEO plays in an ecommerce business’s digital success.

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