Eco-friendly Clothing Brand

The client, an emerging eco-friendly clothing brand, had a commendable mission but struggled to navigate the competitive world of online fashion retail. Despite their unique and sustainable offerings, they faced a tough challenge establishing their digital presence and reaching potential customers online.



The brand was grappling with poor visibility on search engines for key clothing-related search terms. Consequently, they had meager organic website traffic, leading to low online sales. Additionally, their website faced performance issues, contributing to high bounce rates and low visitor engagement.


The brand sought to amplify their search engine rankings for fashion and sustainability-related keywords, increase organic website traffic, improve on-site user experience, and ultimately, drive online sales growth.


Egochi proposed a comprehensive SEO strategy that included:

  • A detailed website audit and subsequent optimization to enhance user experience and SEO.
  • In-depth keyword research and integration of these terms into their site content.
  • Building high-quality backlinks to increase domain authority.
  • Developing a content strategy to engage and educate their audience about the importance of eco-friendly fashion.


Our journey began with a comprehensive website audit, which uncovered several SEO and user experience issues. We addressed these by optimizing the website’s layout, load speed, and mobile responsiveness.

In parallel, we conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-volume search terms relevant to eco-friendly fashion. These keywords were then woven into the site’s content, metadata, and product descriptions.

To augment the brand’s online credibility, we ran a robust link-building campaign, securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative fashion and environmental websites.

Lastly, we deployed a focused content strategy involving regular blog posts and articles on sustainable fashion trends, the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and the benefits of choosing eco-friendly clothing.


Over a span of six months, we achieved significant improvements in the brand’s digital presence. Organic traffic to the website soared by 280%, while the bounce rate dropped by 35%. The site began ranking on the first page of search engine results for several key fashion-related terms, resulting in a 55% surge in online sales. User engagement metrics also improved markedly, with an increase of 50% in average session duration.


This case study illustrates the transformative power of SEO for an ecommerce business in a niche market. By implementing a well-rounded SEO strategy, we significantly bolstered the eco-friendly clothing brand’s online visibility, user engagement, and sales, affirming the crucial role SEO plays in digital marketing and ecommerce success.

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