Mattress Retailer

The company, an emerging online mattress retailer, sought to distinguish itself within a highly competitive industry. Despite offering high-quality, eco-friendly mattresses at affordable prices, their digital presence was nearly non-existent, and they struggled to attract organic traffic and convert visitors into customers.



With a multitude of similar businesses on the market, the retailer was having a hard time standing out from the crowd. Their website wasn’t ranking well in SERPs, resulting in minimal organic traffic and sales. Furthermore, their local SEO was largely ignored, which proved to be a missed opportunity for attracting local customers.


The retailer aimed to boost their online presence, enhance local visibility, improve organic traffic, and ultimately, increase sales. They aimed to appear in the Google 3-Pack for local searches and wanted to capitalize on their Google My Business (GMB) listing to connect with local customers.


We, at Egochi, developed a multi-faceted strategy to address the retailer’s objectives:

  • Comprehensive website audit and optimization to enhance their organic SEO.
  • In-depth keyword research to target high-conversion terms relevant to their business.
  • Optimizing their Google My Business profile for maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Implementing a localized content strategy to target local searchers.


Our first step involved a thorough audit of their website. We uncovered numerous issues, including slow page load times, poor mobile optimization, and lack of keyword optimization. We addressed these issues to improve the site’s overall SEO health.

Next, we conducted an in-depth keyword analysis to identify high-traffic, low-competition keywords relevant to their niche. These keywords were incorporated into their web content, meta tags, and product descriptions.

We then turned our focus to their GMB listing. We optimized their profile with relevant business information, used SEO-friendly descriptions, and began actively managing reviews and Q&As.

Finally, we rolled out a localized content strategy, creating blog posts and articles relevant to local audiences, and optimizing them with local keywords.


Within six months, the retailer saw a significant increase in both organic traffic and local visibility. Their website’s organic traffic increased by 180%, leading to a 120% boost in online sales. They started ranking in the Google 3-Pack for several local search terms, which drove a 60% increase in store visits. Their GMB listing engagement saw a 75% increase, with notable growth in positive customer reviews.


This case study exemplifies how a well-rounded SEO strategy, incorporating both general and local SEO tactics, can substantially improve a business’s online visibility and sales. Our collaborative approach and customized strategy helped the mattress retailer not only meet but exceed their objectives, demonstrating the transformative power of SEO when tailored to a company’s specific needs.

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