Musical Instruments

The client, a local online retailer specializing in musical instruments, found it challenging to reach and engage with music enthusiasts in a saturated digital market. Despite their impressive selection of high-quality instruments, they were not hitting the right notes when it came to their online visibility.



The online store was stuck in the lower sections of SERPs for crucial musical instrument-related keywords, leading to minimal organic traffic and disappointing online sales. Moreover, their website lacked rhythm when it came to user experience, causing high bounce rates.


The client aimed to orchestrate a resurgence in their search engine rankings for specific musical instrument-related keywords, amp up their organic website traffic, fine-tune the user experience on their site, and ultimately, raise their online sales volume.


Egochi conducted an in-depth analysis of the online landscape and devised a strategic SEO symphony that encompassed:

  • A complete website audit and the necessary optimizations for improved user experience and SEO.
  • Comprehensive keyword research to identify high-value musical instrument-related search terms.
  • Building authoritative backlinks to boost the website’s credibility.
  • A harmonious content marketing strategy focusing on the diverse world of musical instruments.


We began with a thorough website audit to understand the areas that needed fine-tuning. Post audit, the site underwent various optimizations, including improving site speed, enhancing mobile compatibility, and fine-tuning the user interface.

At the same time, our team undertook a deep-dive into keyword research, identifying search terms that resonated with music lovers. These keywords were then strategically embedded into the site’s content, metadata, and product descriptions.

To increase the site’s credibility, we launched a robust link-building campaign, garnering high-quality backlinks from esteemed music and instrument websites.

Lastly, we implemented a content marketing strategy that hit the right chord with the target audience. We curated engaging blog posts and articles on various instruments, their history, tutorials, and much more.


The dedicated SEO campaign brought in striking improvements within nine months. The website saw a crescendo in organic traffic by over 255%, and the bounce rate fell by 32%. The site started ranking on the first page for several key musical instrument-related search terms, leading to a phenomenal 55% boost in online sales. Moreover, user engagement took a leap forward, demonstrated by a 45% increase in the average time spent on the site.


This case study exemplifies how a meticulously planned and executed SEO strategy can boost the digital presence and success of an ecommerce business. Through detailed website optimizations, strategic keyword implementation, authoritative link-building, and engaging content marketing, we managed to significantly amplify the online visibility, user engagement, and sales for the local musical instruments store.

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