Natural Cosmetics

This online natural cosmetics brand, dedicated to providing eco-friendly, cruelty-free beauty solutions, was eager to make a mark in the bustling digital beauty sphere. Despite their unique, high-quality offerings, they were overshadowed by larger, more established competitors and had a relatively low online footprint.



The brand’s main hurdle was the inability to get its products in front of its target audience. Despite having a visually appealing website and a carefully curated product line, their digital presence was minimal. They were virtually invisible on search engine results pages and had a low conversion rate from their limited website traffic.


Their primary objectives were to increase organic visibility, drive higher website traffic, enhance brand awareness, and boost online sales. They also wanted to establish a strong keyword ranking for “natural cosmetics” and related terms on search engines.


Our team at Egochi developed a robust strategy that included:

  • A comprehensive website audit and the subsequent optimization of their on-page SEO.
  • In-depth keyword research and integration of these terms into their site content.
  • Building high-quality backlinks to increase domain authority.
  • Employing a focused content strategy to engage and educate their audience about the benefits of natural cosmetics.


We commenced with a detailed website audit, discovering opportunities for improvement in site speed, mobile compatibility, and on-page SEO elements. After addressing these issues, we proceeded with keyword research. We identified several high-value keywords that weren’t previously targeted and updated the site’s content to include these phrases.

To strengthen the brand’s online authority, we orchestrated a backlink campaign, securing links from reputable sites in the beauty and wellness sector. Simultaneously, we rolled out a content strategy that involved publishing informative blog posts and articles about natural cosmetics, skincare tips, and ingredient benefits.


Our strategic efforts culminated in a dramatic improvement in the brand’s online visibility and sales. In nine months, we achieved a 240% increase in organic traffic and a 50% rise in keyword ranking for targeted phrases, including a first-page ranking for “natural cosmetics.” The improved site experience and content relevance resulted in a 45% increase in on-site engagement and a 35% increase in online sales.


This case study underscores the profound impact a tailored SEO strategy can have on an emerging brand’s online presence and profitability. By focusing on both the technical and content aspects of SEO, we were able to significantly enhance the natural cosmetics brand’s visibility and conversions, demonstrating the real-world value of a well-rounded SEO approach.

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