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Our client, an online store specializing in garden supplies, was finding it difficult to sow seeds of success in the digital market. Despite offering a comprehensive range of gardening essentials, they were largely overlooked due to poor visibility on search engine result pages.



The garden supplies store was obscured on search engine results pages for vital gardening-related keywords, leading to sparse organic traffic and underwhelming online sales. Moreover, the user experience on their website was not as vibrant as their product catalog, causing high bounce rates.


The client aimed to improve their search engine rankings for specific gardening-related keywords, enhance organic traffic to their website, enrich the user experience on their platform, and ultimately, boost their online sales.


Egochi devised a comprehensive SEO strategy that encompassed:

  • An all-encompassing website audit and necessary tweaks for enhanced user experience and SEO.
  • Detailed keyword research to identify high-value gardening-related search terms.
  • Building authoritative backlinks to enhance the website’s credibility.
  • A content marketing strategy focusing on the fascinating world of gardening.


The first step involved a thorough website audit that identified various SEO and user experience shortcomings. The site underwent several optimizations, including improving site speed, enhancing mobile compatibility, and refining the user interface.

At the same time, our team carried out exhaustive keyword research, identifying valuable search terms used by gardening enthusiasts. These keywords were then strategically integrated into the site’s content, metadata, and product descriptions.

To increase the website’s credibility, we launched a robust link-building campaign, securing high-quality backlinks from respected gardening blogs and home improvement websites.

Lastly, we implemented a content marketing strategy that resonated with the target audience. Engaging blog posts and articles on gardening tips, plant care guides, and DIY garden projects were developed and shared, making the content both interesting and informative for gardening enthusiasts.


Within six months, the executed SEO campaign yielded impressive results. The website’s organic traffic increased by 275%, and the bounce rate decreased by 33%. The site began appearing on the first page of search results for several key gardening-related terms, leading to a 60% increase in online sales. User engagement also improved markedly, as shown by a 40% increase in average session duration.


This case study emphasizes how a carefully crafted and executed SEO strategy can significantly uplift an ecommerce business’s digital presence. By enhancing the garden supplies store’s online visibility, user engagement, and sales, we’ve underscored the pivotal role SEO plays in ecommerce success.

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