Outdoor Gear Ecommerce Store

Our client, an ecommerce store dedicated to outdoor gear, found it challenging to establish a strong online foothold. Despite their broad array of high-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts, they were being overshadowed due to low visibility on search engine result pages.



The outdoor gear store faced obscurity on search engine results pages for crucial outdoor gear-related keywords, leading to reduced organic traffic and disappointing online sales. Also, the user experience on their website was not quite hitting the mark, resulting in high bounce rates.


The client’s objectives were to improve their search engine rankings for specific outdoor gear-related keywords, increase organic traffic to their website, enhance the user experience on their site, and ultimately, boost their online sales.


Egochi harnessed a comprehensive SEO strategy that encompassed:

  • An extensive website audit and necessary modifications for an improved user experience and SEO.
  • Thorough keyword research to identify high-value outdoor gear-related search terms.
  • Building authoritative backlinks to increase the website’s credibility.
  • A content marketing strategy focusing on the fascinating world of outdoor activities and gear.


The process began with an exhaustive website audit, which revealed several SEO and user experience issues. The site underwent multiple enhancements, including improving site speed, optimizing mobile compatibility, and revamping the user interface.

Simultaneously, our team conducted comprehensive keyword research, identifying high-value search terms related to outdoor gear. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the site’s content, metadata, and product descriptions.

To strengthen the website’s authority, we initiated a robust link-building campaign, garnering high-quality backlinks from reputable outdoor lifestyle and adventure blogs.

Lastly, we rolled out a content marketing strategy that resonated with the target audience. Engaging blog posts and guides on outdoor activities, gear selection tips, and adventure safety were crafted and shared, making the content exciting and informative for outdoor enthusiasts.


Within eight months, the dedicated SEO campaign bore fruitful results. Organic traffic to the website jumped by 260%, and the bounce rate was reduced by 30%. The site started ranking on the first page for numerous crucial outdoor gear-related search terms, which led to a 60% increase in online sales. Additionally, user engagement significantly improved, with a 50% increase in average session duration.


This case study demonstrates how a well-orchestrated SEO strategy can effectively elevate an ecommerce business’s online presence. By improving the outdoor gear store’s visibility, user engagement, and sales, we’ve once again proven the transformative power of SEO in ecommerce success.

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