An ambitious vegan foods ecommerce business, offering a wide array of plant-based delicacies, faced an uphill task of making a name for themselves in the highly competitive online food market. Their catalog was rich with carefully selected products, but their online visibility was marginal, hampering their growth and profitability.



In spite of having a niche, valuable offering, the business struggled to reach their target audience. Their website ranked poorly for critical vegan and plant-based food keywords, their local SEO presence was weak, and their overall website traffic and conversion rates were disappointing.


The business sought to improve their search engine rankings for industry-specific keywords, enhance local and global online visibility, increase website traffic and user engagement, and ultimately boost sales.


The strategy devised by Egochi encompassed:

  • Extensive website audit and optimization to improve organic SEO.
  • Thorough keyword research to identify and integrate high-value keywords into their content.
  • Enhancing their local SEO presence, including Google My Business optimization.
  • Implementing a content marketing strategy that emphasizes the benefits and value of a vegan diet.


We embarked on the task with an exhaustive audit of the business’s website, identifying and rectifying several SEO-related issues like broken links, slow load times, and poorly optimized metadata.

Simultaneously, our team undertook detailed keyword research to understand the search patterns of their target audience. These keywords were systematically embedded in the site’s content, product descriptions, and meta tags.

To strengthen their local SEO presence, we optimized their Google My Business listing with detailed business information, keyword-rich descriptions, and started managing customer reviews proactively.

We also crafted a strategic content marketing plan, which included regular blog posts on vegan recipes, health benefits of vegan foods, and the latest trends in vegan cuisine.


Over a period of eight months, the business observed dramatic changes. Organic traffic to their website shot up by 225%, resulting in a surge in user engagement by 60%. Their site began ranking on the first page of search results for multiple key vegan food-related terms, leading to a 45% increase in sales. Impressively, their Google My Business listing started appearing in the local 3-Pack, resulting in a 50% rise in local store visits.

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