Vintage Furniture Store

The client, an ecommerce store specializing in vintage furniture, had a rich array of offerings with pieces from various historical periods. However, despite their unique products, they were struggling to build a robust online presence and connect with potential customers.



One of the main issues faced by the business was their poor visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) for key furniture-related terms. This lack of visibility was leading to low organic traffic, contributing to underwhelming sales. Their website also had a high bounce rate due to a subpar user interface and experience.


The client wanted to increase their search engine rankings for specific vintage furniture-related keywords, boost organic traffic, enhance the on-site user experience, and ultimately, improve their online sales figures.


The strategy devised by Egochi incorporated:

  • Comprehensive website audit and subsequent enhancements for improved user experience and SEO.
  • Thorough keyword research to find and integrate high-value vintage furniture-related search terms.
  • Link building to boost domain authority.
  • Implementing a content marketing strategy focusing on the beauty and appeal of vintage furniture.


We commenced with a thorough audit of the website, identifying and rectifying several SEO and user experience issues. This included optimizing site speed, enhancing mobile compatibility, and improving the user interface.

Simultaneously, our team carried out keyword research, discovering valuable search terms that the client’s target audience was using. We incorporated these keywords strategically into the website’s content, metadata, and product descriptions.

To increase the website’s authority, we pursued a robust link-building campaign, procuring high-quality backlinks from well-established home décor and furniture websites.

Finally, we rolled out a targeted content marketing plan. It included creating engaging blog posts and articles about the allure of vintage furniture, the history behind the pieces, and tips on incorporating them into modern interiors.


Within a span of eight months, the strategic initiatives delivered remarkable results. Organic traffic to the website saw an increase of over 215%, and the bounce rate reduced by 30%. The client’s site started ranking on the first page for multiple key vintage furniture-related search terms, resulting in a sales uplift of approximately 45%. Additionally, user engagement significantly improved, demonstrated by a 40% increase in average time spent on the site.


This case study demonstrates the immense potential of a well-executed SEO strategy for an ecommerce business in a niche market. The significant improvement in online visibility, user engagement, and sales for the vintage furniture store underlines the essential role that SEO plays in enhancing online retail success.

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