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The green construction sector, dense with technical jargon and intricate concepts, can be a complex landscape for SEO. A leading sustainable building solutions provider, despite its revolutionary contributions, found itself grappling with diminished online visibility. To combat this, they turned to us to craft an effective SEO strategy that would bolster their digital presence and foster increased engagement with their client base.

green construction

Overview of the Business

The company stands at the forefront of the green construction industry, providing sustainable solutions that redefine energy efficiency and eco-friendly design. Despite their remarkable innovations, they faced challenges with their online visibility, which hampered their engagement with potential clients and the broader construction community.


Their primary challenges were:

  1. Technical content that was not easily digestible by search engines, negatively impacting their ability to rank for relevant keywords.
  2. Difficulty in generating high-quality leads via organic search due to the specialized nature of their services.
  3. Ensuring their pioneering developments and solutions reached the appropriate audience.


The enterprise’s objectives included:

  1. Enhance organic visibility for crucial green construction-related keywords.
  2. Increase website traffic and engagement via organic search.
  3. Generate high-quality leads from the construction community via organic traffic.


Our strategy centered on Technical SEO, Structured Data Markup, and Thought Leadership Content Creation. We aimed to optimize their website’s technical aspects to ensure search engines could understand their highly specialized content. Structured data markup was used to provide more detailed information about their content to search engines. Concurrently, we aimed to establish their authority in the field by creating thought leadership content that could resonate with their target audience.


We began the SEO campaign by optimizing the website’s technical factors, including crawlability, indexability, and mobile-friendliness. Simultaneously, we implemented structured data markup to enhance their website’s visibility in SERPs. We also embarked on a content initiative to create insightful blog posts, white papers, and case studies that would establish the brand as a thought leader in green construction.


After six months, the enterprise saw significant improvements:

  1. A 95% boost in organic visibility for targeted keywords.
  2. A 65% increase in website traffic from organic search.
  3. A considerable 75% increase in high-quality lead generation from the construction community via organic search.


This case study highlights the transformative power of a bespoke SEO strategy in enhancing the online presence of a specialized enterprise in the green construction sector. By focusing on technical SEO, structured data markup, and thought leadership content, we successfully amplified the enterprise’s digital visibility, website traffic, and lead generation. The case clearly demonstrates the strategic value of SEO in the specialized B2B sector.

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