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Industrial automation is a highly technical field where the importance of digital visibility cannot be overstated. A distinguished provider of industrial automation solutions faced the issue of subdued organic visibility despite offering state-of-the-art services. To address this, they engaged us to devise an adept SEO strategy that would amplify their online reach and client engagement.


Overview of the Business

The enterprise offers innovative automation solutions, enabling industries to enhance efficiency and productivity. However, despite their pioneering solutions, they were grappling with reduced online visibility, which was impeding their lead generation and client engagement endeavors.


Their unique challenges included:

  1. A complex industry jargon that made it difficult for search engines to understand and rank their content accurately.
  2. Fierce competition for industry-specific keywords related to industrial automation solutions.
  3. Difficulty in attracting high-quality leads through organic search due to the highly specialized nature of their services.


The company’s goals were to:

  1. Boost organic visibility for industry-specific automation-related keywords.
  2. Increase website engagement and reduce bounce rates.
  3. Enhance lead generation from organic traffic.


Our strategy pivoted around Semantic SEO, Schema Markup, and High-Value Content Creation. We focused on Semantic SEO to ensure search engines correctly understood and ranked the content. Schema Markup was used to provide search engines with more precise information about the website’s content. Meanwhile, we committed to creating high-value content that would resonate with potential clients in the industrial sector.


We integrated semantic SEO principles into their content to make it more accessible to search engines. Schema Markup was used on their website to enable more informative search engine results, thereby improving click-through rates. Additionally, we generated high-value content in the form of in-depth blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers that addressed key pain points in the industrial sector.


After six months, the enterprise experienced significant growth:

  1. Organic visibility for targeted keywords increased by 85%.
  2. Website engagement improved by 55%, and bounce rates reduced by 30% due to high-value content.
  3. Lead generation from organic traffic saw a substantial 70% increase.


This case study validates the effectiveness of an expertly crafted SEO strategy in bolstering the online presence of a business operating in a technical field like industrial automation. Through Semantic SEO, Schema Markup, and high-value content, we managed to heighten the enterprise’s organic visibility. As a result, the website saw a surge in engagement, and lead generation was markedly improved, underscoring the strategic importance of SEO in the B2B realm.

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