Car Detailing Business

In the highly competitive auto detailing industry, one local car detailing business was seeking to make its mark. Despite providing top-tier services and garnering a loyal customer base, the company struggled to extend its reach in the local market and rank high in local online search results.


Problem Statement

The business faced two major challenges: low visibility on Google Maps and a lack of presence in the Google 3-Pack, which greatly impacted their online visibility and potential customer reach.

Goals and Objectives

The car detailing business aimed to increase its online visibility, enhance local customer engagement, and ultimately increase bookings for its services. The specific objectives were to rank in Google’s 3-Pack for relevant local searches, improve Google Maps visibility, and increase website traffic from local organic search.

Strategies and Tactics

Our approach was multi-faceted, with a focus on Google My Business (GMB) optimization and local keyword strategy.

Google My Business Optimization: We ensured the business’s GMB listing was fully optimized with accurate information, engaging photos, and regular posts about services, promotions, and updates. We also encouraged the business to gather customer reviews on GMB to boost their online reputation and trust.

Local Keyword Optimization: We conducted thorough keyword research to understand what local customers were searching for related to car detailing services. We then optimized the business’s website and GMB listing with these keywords.


With the strategies in place, we launched our local SEO campaign. We monitored the campaign closely, adjusting our tactics based on performance data and emerging opportunities.

Results and Metrics

Our strategies led to substantial improvements. Within the first three months of implementing our local SEO campaign, the car detailing business saw an impressive increase in their local search rankings and online visibility:

  • The business’s ranking in Google’s 3-Pack went from non-existent to consistently appearing in the top three for key local search terms such as “car detailing in [location]” and “best car detailing service in [city]”.
  • The impressions of their Google My Business listing increased by 80%, showing a dramatic rise in their online presence.
  • Their Google Maps listing views rose by 120%, leading to greater local visibility.
  • Website traffic originating from organic local search increased by 70%.
  • This increased online visibility led to a 50% increase in phone inquiries and a 40% increase in service bookings directly from online channels.
  • Customer reviews on their GMB profile increased by 60%, improving their online reputation.

These numbers clearly show that a comprehensive local SEO strategy can significantly improve a business’s online presence and customer engagement. The case of this car detailing business is a testament to that.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study reaffirms the impact that a well-executed local SEO strategy can have on a local business, even in a competitive market like car detailing. It emphasizes the importance of both GMB and local keyword optimization in reaching the local audience effectively.

While the journey for this car detailing business has just begun, the initial results are promising. It underscores the fact that with the right strategies and continuous effort, local businesses can successfully boost their online visibility and thrive in their local market.

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