Dental Clinic

Within the healthcare industry, a local dental clinic renowned for its top-quality dental care was facing a challenge to attract new patients due to weak online visibility.


Problem Statement

Despite the advanced dental treatments and highly qualified team, the clinic wasn’t appearing in local search results, hindering their ability to increase patient intake.

Goals and Objectives

The clinic’s key objectives were to bolster its online presence, expand patient appointments, and enhance its position in local search results, specifically in Google’s local 3-Pack and Google Maps.

Strategies and Tactics

Our approach integrated Google My Business optimization, local keyword strategy, review generation campaign, and patient education content.

Google My Business Optimization: We revamped the clinic’s GMB listing with current information, appealing photos of the facility, staff, and regular posts about dental hygiene tips and promotional offers.

Local Keyword Strategy: We executed comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant local search terms that potential patients might use. These keywords were then integrated into the clinic’s website content and GMB listing.

Review Generation Campaign: Recognizing the power of patient testimonials, we launched a campaign encouraging satisfied patients to leave reviews on the clinic’s GMB listing, enhancing the clinic’s online reputation.

Patient Education Content: We developed a series of blog posts and FAQs on the clinic’s website, providing valuable information about common dental issues and treatments. This content was optimized for local search and aimed at establishing the clinic as a local thought leader in dental care.


Our local SEO strategy was actioned, with continuous performance monitoring and adjustments based on data insights and local dental trends.

Results and Metrics

Our local SEO strategy achieved significant results within five months:

  • The dental clinic began to rank in the Google 3-Pack for essential local search terms like “dental clinic in [location]” and “best dentist near me”.
  • Views of their Google Maps listing increased by an impressive 235%.
  • Local organic search traffic to the clinic’s website grew by 85%.
  • As a result, the clinic saw a 40% increase in new patient appointments and a noticeable improvement in patient retention rates.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study showcases the potential of a well-executed local SEO strategy in the healthcare sector. The surge in new patient appointments and improved patient retention, resulting from the clinic’s enhanced online visibility, stands testament to the success of our approach.

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