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In the dynamic world of fitness, a local gym with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified trainers struggled to outshine its competitors. Despite the high-quality services, the gym had difficulty attracting new members due to a lack of visibility in local online searches.


Problem Statement

The main challenges for the gym were a low online presence, specifically in Google’s 3-Pack for local search terms, and inadequate visibility on Google Maps, which affected their ability to attract new gym-goers.

Goals and Objectives

The gym aimed to enhance its online presence, increase membership sign-ups, and improve visibility in local search results and on Google Maps.

Strategies and Tactics

Our strategy was anchored on Google My Business optimization, local keyword usage, and leveraging local influencers.

Google My Business Optimization: We optimized the gym’s GMB listing with up-to-date information, attractive photos of the facility and trainers, and regular posts about classes, success stories, and promotions. We also encouraged current members to leave reviews on the gym’s GMB profile.

Local Keyword Optimization: We identified relevant local search terms related to gym facilities and fitness training. The gym’s website and GMB listing were then optimized using these keywords.

Leveraging Local Influencers: We engaged local fitness influencers to feature the gym on their social media platforms and link back to the gym’s website, enhancing local online visibility.


We rolled out our local SEO plan, monitoring its effectiveness closely and adjusting tactics based on data and feedback.

Results and Metrics

Our local SEO strategy yielded significant results within just four months:

  • The gym began to feature in the Google 3-Pack for key local search terms such as “best gym in [location]” and “fitness classes near me”.
  • Impressions of their Google Maps listing increased by a striking 150%.
  • Organic local search-driven website traffic grew by 80%.
  • Significantly, the gym observed a 60% increase in membership sign-ups directly linked to online channels, and a 30% uptick in current member engagement.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study demonstrates how targeted local SEO strategies, including engaging local influencers, can make a real difference in a competitive field like fitness. With the rise in online visibility leading to increased member engagement and sign-ups, this local gym is now firmly on the path to sustainable success.

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