Flower Shop

In the competitive floristry sector, a local flower shop that provided exquisite arrangements and plants struggled to bloom in the local online search landscape.


Problem Statement

Even with a wide variety of unique floral products and top-notch customer service, the shop was wilting in local search results, making it hard to attract new customers and drive sales.

Goals and Objectives

The shop’s main objectives were to enhance its online presence, increase in-store foot traffic, and improve its rank in local search results, including Google’s local 3-Pack and Google Maps.

Strategies and Tactics

Our strategy was centered around Google My Business optimization, local keyword optimization, and seasonal promotion campaign.

Google My Business Optimization: We optimized the flower shop’s GMB listing with accurate information, beautiful photos of floral arrangements, and regular posts about special offers, new products, and customer testimonials.

Local Keyword Optimization: We conducted local keyword research to identify relevant search terms. The flower shop’s website and GMB listing were then optimized with these local keywords.

Seasonal Promotion Campaign: Knowing the seasonality of the flower business, we strategically created online promotions aligned with major holidays and local events. We ensured these promotions were highly visible in local online searches.


Our local SEO strategy was implemented over a number of months, adjusting strategies based on the season, performance data, and local search trends.

Results and Metrics

The local SEO strategy began to bear fruit within just four months:

  • The flower shop started to rank in the Google 3-Pack for critical local search terms like “flower shop in [location]” and “best floral arrangements near me”.
  • Views of their Google Maps listing skyrocketed by a stunning 200%.
  • Local organic search traffic to the website increased by 110%.
  • These online successes led to a 40% increase in foot traffic to the shop and a 70% increase in sales during key holiday periods.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study illuminates the impact of a well-crafted local SEO strategy, including seasonality consideration, in a highly competitive and seasonal industry like floristry. The significant increase in foot traffic and sales during holiday periods reveals the effectiveness of our approach.

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