In the dynamic world of pet care, a local pet store stocked a range of pet essentials and specialty items but struggled to maintain a strong online presence.


Problem Statement

Despite their comprehensive product range and personalized service, the pet store was losing out on potential customers due to its subpar performance in local search results.

Goals and Objectives

The pet store’s primary objectives were to enhance its online visibility, drive foot traffic to the store, and improve its standing in local search results, including Google’s local 3-Pack and Google Maps.

Strategies and Tactics

Our strategy revolved around Google My Business optimization, local keyword strategy, and showcasing unique pet-related services.

Google My Business Optimization: We updated the pet store’s GMB listing with accurate information, engaging photos of the store and products, and regular posts about discounts, new arrivals, and pet care tips.

Local Keyword Strategy: After a detailed local keyword research process, we identified relevant search terms and optimized the pet store’s website and GMB listing with these keywords.

Showcasing Unique Services: The pet store offered unique services such as pet grooming and training classes. We promoted these services online to distinguish the store from local competitors and attract pet owners.


Our local SEO strategy was set in motion, with continual performance analysis and adjustments based on the data insights and local pet care trends.

Results and Metrics

Our local SEO strategy achieved considerable results within five months:

  • The pet store started to rank in the Google 3-Pack for critical local search terms like “pet store in [location]” and “best pet supplies near me”.
  • The views of their Google Maps listing shot up by 210%.
  • Local organic search traffic to the pet store’s website rose by 95%.
  • As a result, the store experienced a 45% increase in foot traffic and a 55% surge in sales, particularly for promoted products and services.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study demonstrates the efficacy of a well-executed local SEO strategy, especially in a niche retail market like pet supplies. The marked increase in foot traffic and sales, tied to an improved online presence, signifies the success of our approach.

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