Veterinary Clinic

In the realm of pet care, a local veterinary clinic offered top-tier services and a compassionate touch but was unable to reach pet owners effectively due to insufficient online visibility.

veterinary clinic

Problem Statement

Despite its commendable services and a dedicated team, the clinic wasn’t appearing in local search results, making it difficult to attract new clients and serve more pets in need.

Goals and Objectives

The primary objectives for the clinic were to boost its online visibility, increase appointment bookings, and establish a solid presence in Google’s local 3-Pack and Google Maps.

Strategies and Tactics

Our approach involved a combination of Google My Business optimization, local keyword implementation, and community involvement amplification.

Google My Business Optimization: We ensured the clinic’s GMB listing was completely optimized with accurate details, images of the facility and staff, and regular posts regarding pet health tips, clinic events, and success stories.

Local Keyword Implementation: We carried out thorough keyword research to identify local search terms pet owners used when looking for veterinary services. We then optimized the clinic’s website and GMB listing with these keywords.

Community Involvement Amplification: The clinic was involved in various community events, pet adoption drives, and free check-up camps. We ensured these activities were highlighted online to boost local visibility and reputation.


Our tailored local SEO strategy was implemented, with ongoing adjustments based on performance data and local pet care trends.

Results and Metrics

Our local SEO campaign saw substantial results within five months:

  • The clinic started appearing in the Google 3-Pack for key local search terms such as “vet clinic in [location]” and “pet care near me”.
  • Views of their Google Maps listing soared by an impressive 175%.
  • The website’s local organic search traffic rose by 95%.
  • Most importantly, the clinic saw a 55% increase in appointment bookings and a 30% rise in client retention rates, credited to its enhanced online presence.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study highlights the importance of a comprehensive local SEO strategy, including community involvement, for businesses in the healthcare sector, like a veterinary clinic. The improved online visibility led to increased client retention and appointment bookings, demonstrating the impact of our approach.

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