Water Treatment Business

In the environmentally critical sector of water treatment, a local company excelling in providing sustainable, efficient solutions was facing difficulties in attracting new projects due to insufficient online visibility.


Problem Statement

Despite their industry-leading water treatment technologies and high client satisfaction rates, the company was barely noticeable in local search results, thus restricting their potential to acquire new contracts and expand their business.

Goals and Objectives

The main objectives of the water treatment services company were to boost its online presence, increase project inquiries, and improve rankings in local search results, especially in Google’s local 3-Pack and Google Maps.

Strategies and Tactics

Our plan involved a blend of Google My Business optimization, local keyword strategy, technical SEO enhancements, and educational content marketing.

Google My Business Optimization: We revamped the company’s GMB listing with detailed information, appealing photos of their facilities and projects, and consistent posts about industry advancements and company news.

Local Keyword Strategy: We performed in-depth local keyword research to identify specific search terms potential clients might use. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the company’s website content and GMB listing.

Technical SEO Enhancements: We audited and improved the website’s load speed, mobile compatibility, and internal link structure to provide a seamless user experience and signal relevance to search engines.

Educational Content Marketing: We developed informative content around water treatment processes, technologies, and industry trends. This content was optimized for local SEO and disseminated via the company’s website, GMB listing, and social media channels.


Our local SEO strategy was rolled out, with ongoing tweaks based on performance data and industry trends.

Results and Metrics

The SEO strategy brought substantial results within six months:

  • The water treatment services company began appearing in the Google 3-Pack for crucial local search terms like “water treatment services in [location]” and “industrial water solutions near me”.
  • Views of their Google Maps listing shot up by 240%.
  • Local organic search traffic to the company’s website rose by 80%.
  • Consequently, the company saw a 60% increase in project inquiries and a 35% growth in contract acquisitions.

Conclusion and Learnings

This case study underlines the importance of a well-executed local SEO strategy in a niche sector like water treatment services. The significant rise in project inquiries and contract acquisitions, resulting from the enhanced online visibility, validates the effectiveness of our unique strategies.

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